5 Great Makeup Organization tips for modern vanities in West Miami

Modern Vanities for Sale in West MiamiWhile a girl’s best friend may be makeup, a girl would be nowhere without her counterpart, her vanity. When it comes to one’s vanity, this is the place where “life” happens for most people. Life, as we all must know by know, tends to be messy and a bit disorganized. It’s no shock that most people’s vanities end up a mess in a matter of hours after being organized. For many people whose makeup collection outweighs the empire state building, the task of organizing their vanities in West Miami may seem daunting. However, there are many simple and easy DIY makeup organizational tools to use to organize a vanity and make it look like a picture out of a magazine in no time. If organization is only half of your problem, you may want to look into getting more counter or storage space for your vanity. On Bath Trends, we offer a variety of sizes in West Miami vanities for sale on our site, to fit any need you may have for your perfect vanity. With that being said, no matter how much space you have in your vanity, you are going to need some basic organizational tips and tools to make the space perfect for you are your makeup. Let’s get started!

Organize your makeup with vanities for sale in West Miami

  1. Organizing crates. Organizing crates is a great, inexpensive way to store makeup. These are pull-out bins that can be easily stacked to make the best use of a small amount of space. This type of organizational tool is perfect for those who may not have a large amount of space in terms of drawers, but have a good amount of counter space. Label each drawer according to which products go in which drawer. For example, one drawer can have makeup brushes, while another drawer can have all face products, such as foundation and concealer.
  2. Beads for brushes. This trendy way of storing brushes is perfect for those who want a more attractive look on their vanity for storing their makeup. Simply use any clear, small vase or low, see-through container to complete this craft. Next, fill with craft beads, then place your makeup brushes in the beads. You will find that the beads hold the brushes up marvelously and display them very nicely. This also allows you to be able to find the brush that you are looking for easily and quickly.
  3. Over-door hangers. For gals that have a ton of makeup products, this tool may be just the trick you need to store some extra products without making your vanity appear like it’s in overload. Over-the-door hangers have several different pockets that easily organize products based on what you want to go together. This is also great for those who do not have a lot of vanity storage and want to keep their makeup on their actual vanity to a minimum.
  4. Magnetic frames. This Pinterest-inspired DIY project is super trendy and attractive. If you have extra products that you just can’t or don’t want to store on your vanity, make this simple DIY project to fit all of your makeup needs. The steps are super easy, since you probably have an old frame lying around your home that you are never going to use anyway. First, take an old frame (the size can be as small or as large as you would like it to be). Then, spray paint the frame whatever color you wish to make it more attractive or fit your style/color choices. Cover the picture’s glass with a fabric of your choice by using spray adhesive. Next, purchase small magnets and stick to the back of makeup products of your choice with hot glue or any other craft adhesive. You can also stick magnets to small cups that can be used to hold a variety of makeup brushes and other products all together. Finish this crafty project by sticking your new magnetized products to your frame! You can also create this same effect with a cookie sheet covered in fabric if you can’t find an old frame in your home.
  5. Mason jars. This makeup organizational tool is perfect for those who love the rustic, distressed look in their home. First, find any old 2×4 boards that you may have laying around your home and spray paint them to any color of your choice. Wrap hose clamps around the top of however many mason jars you would like to attach to the board. Attach the jars to the wooden board by drilling a hole in the wood and then drilling the screws that come with the hose clamps to the wood. You can then hang the board up next to your vanity and store whatever products you wish to in there.

Amazing modern vanities for sale in West Miami

When it comes to vanity and makeup storage, the power to be creative really lies in your hands. You have the ability to design and create anything you wish to create; you only have to have a little inspiration to do it! Take these tips and make the projects your own. If you don’t have the right vanity to do it, no problem. We have modern vanities for sale in West Miami that will be perfect to store your cosmetics and products on, while at the same time implementing some of these handy DIY makeup organization tips.

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