7 Ways to Prevent Injuries in your Kitchen

The kitchen can be a very dangerous place, but it can also be quite safe if you take the right precautions. Some are simple, some are more complex. From securing your kitchen accessories to keeping areas clean, we have some great advice for you!

1) Clean Cluttered Areas of Kitchen Accessories

Pots, pans, utensils, and much more can easily clutter a kitchen counter, and that isn’t something that you want to deal with when you are trying to cook. Make sure that you clean everything up, whether you are simply putting it away, or staging your kitchen for a job.

2) Test your Smoke Detectors

Kitchens are hazardous when it comes to smoke. Sometimes, when you are cooking, it can be difficult to tell if you are dealing with a pillar of steam or a cloud of smoke. Changing the batteries in your smoke detector regularly can save your kitchen and your life.

3) Turn Pot Handles Inward

The last thing you want is to walk by your stove and knock a pan onto the floor. Boiling water belongs in the pan, and not on you, so make sure your handles are turned inward while the pan is on the stove.

4) Use a Fridge with a Freezer on the Bottom

Unlike refrigerators, freezers can be a bit hazardous, especially if you have the freezer unit on top. The potential for falling items is very high, so make sure that your freezer unit is at the bottom of the fridge.

5) Put Away Cleaning Supplies

The importance of putting away your cleaning supplies cannot be overstated. If children have access to them it could end in tragedy, so you should either keep them in a higher cabinet or purchase child safety locks

6) Clean Up Spills

Keep the floors clean and make sure that any spills are cleaned up. You don’t want a slippery floor and it only takes a few seconds out of your day.

7) Replace Glass Items with Plastic

If you have a lot of glass items in your kitchen, consider replacing them with plastic or acrylic. This will reduce the chance of them breaking, and even better, reduce the chance of injury.

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