Bath Trends USA: Affordable Traditional Bathroom Vanities for Sale

You are out with your significant other with a real estate agent looking for a new home. It seems like it is taking forever. You’ll step into a potential new home and find little things that you couldn’t live with. Things like: the hanging stench of garlic from an overzealous cook; mildew and mold on the walls; water staining on the ceiling from numerous showers that seem to have gone to the wayside; cracked basement slabs, where the foundation work will take months of work to complete; and out of date plumbing, which when repairs are required, will have to be brought up to plumbing codes. Another obstacle that seems to keep popping up is that it seems that your real estate agent has a little bit of a different definition when it comes to the word “older”. When you do take your whirlwind tour of houses, you find that you are being shown houses that were built twenty years ago, a somewhat newer house. You have emphasized to your agent time and time again that you wanted a house with character. A home that feels like it’s been lived in and has a instant warm feeling that only comes with years or decades of families living in their home. Eventually, your real agent does come through, however, like many older homes there are repairs to be made and appliances that need to be replaced and removed from the premises. One of the main places that you’re going to start with the remodel phase is the bathroom. With the bathroom, you want to replace some of the older pieces with new versions of the original offering. When it came to choosing a traditional bathroom vanities for sale, you decided to turn to us, Bath Trends USA. Traditional Bathroom Vanities for Sale

Keeping it Light: Using a White or Light Chestnut Traditional Bathroom Vanity

Some bathrooms are reminiscent to a spa, using light and airy colors to create a sense of peace and rejuvenation while in use. If this is the look you’re wanting to achieve in your bath, look no further. With a light chestnut traditional bathroom vanity, you can create your own spa at home. With its subdued earthy tones, our light chestnut vanities are at home with all colors that could come from nature, from a dark mocha to the lightest blue. If you have a tiny bathroom, similarly to those in condominiums and townhouses, you may want to take a more minimalistic approach, using white as the primary color in the bath, creating a larger space. A perfect accent to this bathroom would be a white traditional bathroom vanity. It will continue to create the space you desire while providing ample storage and blending flawlessly into your room.

Warming Up: Using an Espresso or Dark Chestnut Traditional Bathroom Vanity

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are some bathrooms with darker colors, which create a nice warm feeling when it is being used. When this is the case, you would want to use a dark chestnut or espresso traditional bathroom vanity. Similarly to the light chestnut traditional bathroom vanity, both the dark chestnut and the espresso colors are easily blended in with any nature based color. There are two significant differences between the two though. When you would want to use a darker color vanity, you would want to make sure there are darker elements in the room to help it blend into its environment. Another aspect that you want to make sure you pay attention to is that when you place a darker color wood down in a bathroom, it will be a focal point. Because a majority of your fixtures may be lighter in color, a piece that is darker will create a little bit of negative space. If you choose a flooring that matches the darker wood color, it may make the piece blend in a little bit easier, if that is what you desire.

Bath Trends USA: A Variety of Traditional Bathroom Vanities

When you are looking for a specific vanity, we have several different styles to accommodate you. If you are shopping for a traditional double bathroom vanity, there has always been a small risk. You could go to a store, fall in love with a single traditional vanity, then when you go and ask the sales associate if there is a double vanity available in that style, you are denied, indicating that the only version of this specific style is in the single format. With the exception of the Abington, Acclaim, and Andover collections, each of our high quality traditional bathroom vanities are available in both single and double bathroom styles. And because we have an online presence, you are able to look at our complete collection at the click of a mouse in the comfort of your living room instead of travelling from place to place to get disappointed from the lack of merchandise. We offer several different options when it comes to our traditional bathroom vanities. Not only do we offer you double bathroom vanities in various styles, but we also offer several high quality options as well. Each of our traditional vanity countertops come with either quartz or marble options. Both of these materials are incredibly easy to clean and offer a little bit of elegance in your bathroom. With the vanity color spectrum that we have to offer (black, white, dark and light chestnut, and espresso), we take pride in offering a traditional bathroom vanity that you can use in any style of bathroom, from light and airy, to earthy rustic, to minimalist design.

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