How Important is Bathroom Lighting?

For many people, lighting is a secondary characteristic or feature in the bathroom but if it is something that you neglect during the remodeling phase you’re probably going to regret it later. It could be too dark, it could be too bright, or it could simply be awkwardly placed. After all, what’s the point of installing some of the best bathroom accessories if you can’t see them? In today’s blog posts we’re going to go over a few tips for proper bathroom lighting, some of which will be very obvious and some that might be new to you.

Aesthetics for your Bathroom and Bathroom Accessories

modern double sink bathroom vanityLighting in your bathroom is important for space and for the accessories. If you spend a considerable amount of money on towel holders and robe hooks, you want the world to see them and you want them to be in an especially good light. A good lighting system will make them shine and it will ensure that they can be easily used.

Draw Attention Away from Trouble Spots

Every bathroom has a trouble spot no matter how much work you put into making it look good. It could be the space behind the toilet or it might be the corner of the vanity. There are a variety of reasons that these become trouble spots, and no matter what they are, you need to choose a lighting scheme that draws attention away from them and onto the other, more important parts of your space.

Light Up your Storage

In addition to the paper holder or other bathroom accessories, you have your storage and you need to ensure that it’s properly lit. One of the biggest problems with storage doesn’t space within, it’s being able to see that space. How many times have you found yourself rifling through the cabinets with no clue as to where you’re reaching or what you’re reaching for? You know you left that bottle of shampoo back there somewhere, but it could be in there for all eternity now! You have several options when it comes to lighting up your cabinets; some will simply install lights inside the cabinets to cut out the middle man and some will install track lighting so that the lights can be directed. Either is a great idea and with track lighting, you have the ability to light up important areas.

Light Up Important Areas

Bathroom AccessoriesYou’re going to have important spots in your bathroom and keeping them properly lit is absolutely critical. We’re talking about the sink, the toilet, and even the shower. Think about the spots in the bathroom where you and your guests will be spending the most time, and then consider how you would like them to be lit. You may even want to consult an interior designer for more information.

Go Energy Efficient

The last piece of advice that we’re going to give you is to make sure that you’re going energy efficient and choosing bulbs that are going to lower your power bill while saving the environment.

Lighting is critical in your bathroom design whether you’re drawing attention to your new bathroom accessories or just making it easier for you to navigate the space. Consult with an interior designer or ask others for advice – it’s worth it in the end.


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