Bathroom Storage Options for your New Construction or Renovation

A huge part of designing a bathroom effectively is making sure that you have the proper storage options for any number of different items. Spare shampoo, soap, wash clothes, medicine, towels, or even bath toys for your child. There are countless storage needs, and with that being the case, there need to be countless storage opportunities. So how do you get there? There are two different types of bathroom storage that you need to consider when you’re roughing in your new facilities, or simply replacing the current fixtures and storage in your bathroom:

  • Linen Cabinets
  • Medicine Cabinets

Linen Cabinets – An Important Bathroom Storage Option

Bathroom StorageLinen cabinets for your bathroom can fill a wide range of different needs, for example, you can store your towels, or you can store your various toiletries. If you want a great example, the Vance linen cabinet from our collection is an outstanding piece of bathroom hardware. The upper section of the cabinet is behind a 45 ½ inch door, which, when opened, reveals a set of three shelves, each perfect for storing towels. Moving downward, there are four doors of varying length for various storage needs. This upright cabinet is the standard in bathroom storage, but if you’re limited on space, or if you don’t want to opt for a floor to ceiling solution, the Venice side cabinet might be a better option for you.

The Venice side cabinet is often used as a completing piece for a Venice vanity, but it can also work as a standalone storage unit, keeping your towels and linens in place for your use.

Browse through our impressive collection of storage cabinets now to finish off your bathroom and create the perfect aesthetic.

Medicine Cabinets for your Bathroom

Bathroom StorageMedicine cabinets have long been an important fixture in many bathrooms for a variety of different reasons. By combining a mirror and storage space, you save a considerable amount of room in your bathroom, and there are several different models for you to choose from when you’re in the market for one of these incredible storage solutions. Take the Aquamoon MM50 for one example: it’s a great medicine cabinet solution and it’s perfect for bathrooms that see more than two regular users. The dual sided solution is perfect for bathrooms that are not wanting in terms of space, but you can also choose a cabinet that is better suited for more limited spaces. The Aquamoon MM20 is another good example, with a single panel, mirror, and outstanding construction that will allow you to stay organized while giving you the mirror functionality that you need.

If you really want to embrace the modern look, then the Aquamoon MM201 24 is without a doubt the direction that you want to go in. The first feature you will probably notice is the reflective surface, and if you have any experience in bathroom renovation, or any renovation for that matter, then you know that reflective surfaces do an outstanding job of creating the illusion of a larger space. The second feature is the built in LED lighting panels, completely eliminating the need for overhead lighting. If your ambition is to create a sleek, modern, and minimalistic bathroom environment, then this medicine cabinet is the first place you want to look.

The Bath Trends Aesthetic

Bath Trends doesn’t just provide furnishings for your bathroom, we create an entire look. Our furnishings and fixtures are sleek, they are modern, and they are capable of standing the test of time. When you renovate your bathroom, you don’t want to choose low quality fixtures or furnishings – you want something that’s going to last for years to come, and that’s not always easy to find. Search through our inventory and come to know the meaning of quality.

Finding the right linen cabinets and medicine cabinets can definitely present a challenge to you, but right here, on our website, you can find everything that you need to create the ultimate, highly modern bathroom aesthetic. It’s time to renovate, the Bath Trends way.

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