Four Bathroom Trends for Your New Home or Remodeling Project

Home design ideas evolve and change with every passing year, but one thing that remains constant is the need for a comfortable and functional bathroom. Your bathroom is a personal retreat, where the aesthetic is just as important as the features that you install. Modern design ideas often focus on minimalism and simplicity, which makes for a clean look that is suitable for any home.

Whatever your preferences are when it comes to aesthetic; you can get plenty of inspiration from the latest bathroom design trends.

1) Bathrooms are Becoming Smaller and More Efficient

Bathroom Remodeling ProjectIn the past, the idea of small bathrooms came with some negative connotations. Small meant cramped, uncomfortable, and lacking in modern amenities.

Today, the situation is quite different, and small bathrooms have become a trend, thanks to creative design in small bathroom vanities, bathroom accessories, and even compact one piece toilets.

If you’re designing a bathroom where actual floor space will be limited, there are some simple steps that you can take to make sure that size doesn’t matter.

  • Use wall mount bathroom vanities to increase the perception of space.
  • If you don’t have room for a tub, install a compact high-end cubicle shower instead.
  • Use a more compact modern toilet with an integrated cistern.
  • Make use of bathroom accessories like shelving and shower baskets to add storage without the need for cabinets.
  • Use contrasting floor and wall colors/patterns.
  • Use bright neutral tone lighting, white walls, and lighter tones to make the room feel larger.

2) Vanity Lighting is Becoming Commonplace

What difference can a light source make to a bathroom? To be honest, the impact can be significant. Lighting is not just a necessity in a bathroom but can be used as a powerful technique to create space and add a luxury feel.

Lighting over modern bathroom vanities is a popular trend at the moment, and it also serves a functional purpose. You’ll have more illumination in your mirrors, and it will bring out the shine of your bathroom countertop and hardware. Ample lighting in a bathroom will make your chrome, stainless steel, brass, or gold-tint hardware shine.

3) Organic, Earthy Materials Are Back in Fashion

We’ve thankfully passed the stage of excessive modernism where home design seemed cold, lifeless, and purely functional. Although some ultra-modern styles have remained, such as hard squared edges and rectangular hardware, there have been changes in the materials that people prefer on their bathroom furniture and hardware.

From small bathroom vanities to large double sink vanities, there’s a trend where natural wood on cabinets is preferred over solid color composites. This gives bathrooms an earthier feel. Current designs also trend towards countertops and tiles that use marble and other types of stone, leading to an organic bathroom that still feels contemporary.

When you choose a combination of different yet complementary materials in your bathroom, you’ll be able to break up the visual theme to have more impact and a true designer feel.

4) Accent Walls are Being Used to Maximize the Impact of Bathroom Accessories and Fixtures

Bathroom TrendsAccent walls are increasingly seen in the kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms of modern homes. The trend has now made its way to bathrooms, and the results can be spectacular. A shower cubicle is a perfect place for an accent wall, with homeowners utilizing contrasting tiles to create drama and impact. An accent wall can make bathroom accessories stand out, and there are creative ways to use accents, such as matching the color to bathroom cabinets or modern bathroom vanities.

Another popular place for an accent wall is directly behind the bathroom vanity, making the countertop and mirror the star feature of a bathroom.

When designing a bathroom with an accent wall, make sure that it is thematically consistent with other elements of your bathroom. Remember, every design choice must work in harmony with another. Even though an accent wall provides contrast, it should not do so in an uncomfortable or garish way.

Don’t Let the Trends Limit Your Creativity

Freedom of creativity is one of the biggest benefits of building your own home or renovating your current home. Trends can give you great ideas but keep in mind that there are very few actual rules to bathroom design. Primarily, you want your bathroom to be good looking, functional, and easy to maintain. Don’t be afraid to try something new, whether it be with the design of the bathroom vanities that you choose, or with the bathroom layout or color scheme.

Working with a professional bathroom designer can help your project to stay grounded, allowing you to find the aesthetic and layout that is perfect for you and your family.


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