Best Bathroom Vanities in West Palm Beach

When you need a new bathroom vanity for your home, you should never make sacrifices when it comes to style and quality. Some people assume that getting the best bathroom vanities in West Palm Beach would mean spending an exorbitant amount of money. Thankfully, this is not the case. With Bath Trends, you can find affordable yet high-quality vanities that would be perfect for a home of any size.

When you want nothing but the best with style and durability, the Bath Trends range is waiting to be explored.

Elements of the Best Bathroom Vanities in West Palm Beach

When you are looking for vanities in West Palm Beach, you will need to compare different models based on style and quality. Some people equate quality to price, but these are two very different things. While the highest quality vanities typically cost more than entry-level options, this doesn’t necessarily mean that cheap bathroom vanities are of low quality.

Bathroom Vanities in West Palm BeachAt Bath Trends we only stock modern bathroom vanities in West Palm Beach that we can stand behind. We want you to get the best product for your money, which is why we inspect collections before we agree to carry them in our showrooms, outlet store, and through our online webstore.

The material is critical, and there are some favorites that we like to see on our high-quality cheap bathroom vanities.

MDF is an engineered material made from wood products. MDF is sometimes seen as a low-grade material, but it is actually found on some of the best bathroom vanities in West Palm Beach. Modern MDF is quite different to the low-quality particleboard that was used in the past. It is resistant to moisture, so it won’t warp or deform, and it is low cost to produce, so you can have massive savings on bathroom vanities.

In many ways, MDF is more versatile than solid timber because it can be veneered to look just like natural wood, with more finishing options available. If you’ve ever thought that MDF isn’t good enough for your bathroom fixtures, then the collections available at Bath Trends will change your mind.

Acrylic is another popular material used in our modern bathroom vanities in West Palm Beach. Acrylic is highly versatile, it can be formed into irregular shapes, and when epoxy coated it has a beautiful sheen that is perfect for use in bathrooms. Our bathroom vanities use acrylic for both countertops and sinks. You can find acrylic as a long-lasting material in some of our more affordable collections.

If you want bathroom vanities in West Palm Beach with countertops that are above average in terms of quality and aesthetic, then you could compare models that use quartz countertops. This is an engineered material that replicates natural stone like marble. Quartz can be colored making it more versatile than natural stone. It resists damage from moisture and is resistant to fading from UV light. It also looks beautiful and feels just as you would expect any luxury countertop to feel.

Find Unique Bathroom Vanities in West Palm Beach

With great materials, you need great designs, and we have you covered in that area. Think about what you want your bathroom to look like. If you’re wanting an ultra-modern aesthetic, then you may like to choose wall mount bathroom vanities in West Palm Beach. If you’re more of a traditionalist, or if you would like to create a transitional style, then you could choose freestanding vanities.

Both small and large double sink vanities are available, allowing you to get the perfect vanity for the size of your room. If you are filling a large bathroom, then you could consider using two small bathroom vanities instead of a single double vanity. This creates a unique aesthetic that many people have tried and loved in recent years.

Explore the Range and Get Creative with Vanities in West Palm Beach

Whatever material you prefer, the style you desire, and the budget you have, you can find the best bathroom vanities in West Palm Beach when you shop at Bath Trends. You don’t have to compromise even if you’re on a tight budget, and if you have more to spend then you could consider some of the luxury vanities with natural materials.

No matter what your price range is, you can have confidence knowing that we only carry the highest quality vanities that meet our strict in-house requirements. Shop in confidence with the leading bathroom specialist in Florida.


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