Find the Best Costs on Bathroom Vanities in Pembroke Pines

Are you looking for a bargain on bathroom vanities? When looking for quality, it’s easy to assume that you would have to pay a price premium. Sure, higher quality bathroom vanities do cost a little more than the low-end budget options, but this doesn’t mean that you will have to spend a fortune. At Bath Trends, you can get some of the most affordable modern bathroom vanities in Pembroke Pines.

Our prices are competitive because we are one of the largest suppliers in Florida, but low cost won’t have any impact on your demands for quality and durability.

If you’re ready for a better kind of cheap bathroom vanity, then it’s time to take a look at what we have to offer.

Why are Our Pembroke Pines Bathroom Vanities Prices So Low?

Bathroom Vanities in Pembroke PinesAt Bath Trends, low prices don’t mean low quality. We have some of the best cheap bathroom vanities in Pembroke Pines, thanks to our significant market presence and our strong supplier relationships.

Because we supply so many of Florida’s home builders, renovators, and commercial entities, we are able to take advantage of economies of scale. In short, the size of our operation comes with significant cost advantages, which means that we can pass the savings to you. Of course, we could just take these profits and grow our margins, but we believe it’s much better to offer competitively priced products so that families and businesses can get the best modern bathroom vanities in Pembroke Pines.

It’s not just the size of our operation that makes our products so affordable, but also the relationships that we form with our suppliers. We work with some of the very best bathroom vanity and hardware manufacturers in the United States and around the world. Our longstanding business relationships can lead to us getting the newest products faster, and often at the most competitive prices.

When you choose Bath Trends for your modern bathroom vanities in Pembroke Pines, you get the latest collections as well as the best pricing. This is exactly what you need when you are starting your next remodeling or new build project.

Can You Really Get Quality AND Cheap Bathroom Vanities in Pembroke Pines?

If you’re concerned about low cost meaning low quality, then you can put your hesitation to rest. Even our most affordable bathroom vanities are able to meet our internal standards for craftsmanship, overall quality, design, and durability.

bathroom vanities in Pembroke PinesThere are several ways that manufacturers can produce quality bathroom fixtures for reasonable prices. One way that they do this is by using MDF for the bathroom cabinets. This material is an engineered wood product that outperforms solid timber in some scenarios. MDF isn’t susceptible to moisture damage from humidity, it won’t warp, expand, or contract with extreme temperature changes, and it can be veneered and finished to accurately replicate the look of exotic hardwoods. MDF used to be looked down upon as a budget material. Today, manufacturers have unlocked the true potential of MDF, and quality levels are higher than they have ever been.

Affordable bathroom vanities in Pembroke Pines often use acrylic countertops, which makes for a much more affordable vanity when compared to those that use stone or engineered quartz. Acrylic is not an ‘inferior’ material. It is low cost because it is relatively easy to produce, and it can be quickly formed into shape without extensive tooling required. High-quality acrylic countertops look and feel just like porcelain, which you will often only find on the top of the line modern or antique bathroom vanities.

When you choose affordable bathroom vanities, you won’t have to make huge compromises. You can still get the look, feel, and durability that gives you confidence in your purchase. When you want a beautiful bathroom for a reasonable investment, it’s time to talk to the team at Bath Trends.

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With Bath Trends you will have the most convenient ways to buy bathroom vanities in Pembroke Pines. Whether you are looking for wall mount bathroom vanities, single vanities, or a large double basin countertop for a shared bathroom, we have it all. Both our Fort Lauderdale and Aventura showrooms are just a short distance from Pembroke Pines, or, you can order online for the ultimate convenience and free delivery for most orders.

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