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Everything You Need To Know About Bathtubs and Modern Bathroom Vanities

The antiquated look of the bathroom was something that has traditionally remained uniform for a few hundred years adapted by many and rarely challenged for change. But gradually over time, seeing that the lifestyle and tastes of everybody on the planet has evolved so drastically, it is not really a surprise that this change also trickled down to preferences for bathtubs and modern bathroom vanities. There are many kinds of bathtubs but most can be categorized into four main styles that are discussed next. The first kind of bathtub is the claw foot bathtub, which is a throwback to the last century. People still like this style as this reminds them of an era that is a classic and since styles from the past have a tendency of resurfacing and becoming hip again, the clawfoot still finds its way into modern homes. Freestanding bathtubs are the second varieties of bathtubs that are offering a lot more variety than a clawfoot. Freestanding tubs get the name from the fact that they offer all kinds of freedom as long as you have a large bathroom space to accommodate them. This kind of tub can be of any size and shape and be stacked up against a wall or be right in the center without any supporting walls The third kind of bathtub is the alcove, which is the most common although not the most popular due to its cramped size. It usually comes in fixed sizes so the tub can squeeze between two walls and fit snugly into the end of a bathroom. Drop in bathtubs are the fourth kind of bathtub that are offer the maximum in comfort and luxury and are very popular because having a drop in bathtub is similar to having your very own tiny swimming pool in your bathroom. Jacuzzis and hot tubs are interesting variants on drop in bathtubs that can provide the experience of a spa in the comfort of your own home. Choosing which of the above four bathtubs is suitable for you will be an individual preference but one thing is certain, the bathroom is an important place since it is going to be used by your family numerous times throughout the day. If you are like the majority of people, chances are you have an alcove style bathtub, which may no longer be the best fit for your family anymore. After all, it’s been awhile since it was just you and a baby, and now might be a great time to renovate and remodel your bathroom. One thing for sure is the fact that you and your family will be excited with the changes and will enjoy the brand new bathtub immensely no matter what style you eventually finalize.

Get creative with modern shower panels and free standing faucets for your new bathtub

The key parts to the perfect bathroom are choosing the right kind of decor that compliments the centerpiece of your bathroom, the bathtub. When you do end up upgrading your old bathtub, you will wonder how you ever were able to go without the ease and comfort of the new modern design factor. Since your bathtub is a long-term upgrade, the best idea is to go with the largest most comfortable bathtub design and then compliment it with unique modern bathroom vanities so everything stands out. Then to balance the bathroom it is a great idea to go with cabinets that are accentuated with clean lines and unobtrusive dimensions that do not invade your visual space but at the same time offer a good amount of storage space for the entire family. When you get a new bathtub from us, rest assure in confidence that the construction and craftsmanship of everything is of the highest order. Developments in modern engineering have allowed us to offer you furnishings that are visually appealing and durable enough to last a lifetime. Many different tastes are catered to and since you will be using your bathtub everyday, we strongly recommend you browse the pages here to arrive at a design that strikes a chord with you. The pictures have been laid out for you to imagine how it would feel like enjoying your new tub and help you visualize what the overall look would be like. All our designs incorporate the highest-grade materials including tough ceramics, stainless steel and strong carbon fiber. We have employed world-class artists to be able to offer you the most modern bathtubs available anywhere. You have admired Drop in bathtubs and freestanding bathtubs in trendy catalogues for too many years and you deserve to finally get one for yourself and find out what you have been missing. As a homeowner you can now inject a contemporary look that all your friends will admire, and your family will enjoy. Besides the fun you can have, think of the value you are adding to your property by updating it with modern embellishments. Personalizing and changing your bathroom to reflect the look with the rest of your house will be one of the more important and fun upgrades you will ever make, we promise!

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