I’ve got a bathtub in my bathroom, Can I change it for a shower?
Yes, It’s definitely possible to change a bathtub for a shower. Our consultans will help you to choose the perfect shower for your personal case.
I’ve got a shower pole in my bathroom, Can I change it for a shower panel?
Yes. You can get a shower panel even if you don’t have one yet. It’s actually quite simple, fast and cheap.
I’ve got a faucet for cold water and another one for hot water in my shower. It would be possible to unify both of them?
Yes. New faucets designs allow to unify both flow rates.
Do I have to modify the drain of my toilet to change it for a new one?
Depending on the model that you wish to install our consultants will tell you If it will be necessary to change the drain or not.
Can I place any Bath Trends’ Bathroom furniture with my actual sink?
All our models are suitable for most of sinks. Tell your actual model to our consultans and they will tell you about all possibilities you have.
How can I enjoy a showerhead in my bathroom if I don’t have any kind of sprayer in my roof?
Any of our showerheads can be easily installed in your bathroom just modifying the tube of your bathroom shower.

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