Redesign your Bathroom with a Floating Vanity

Bathrooms have come a long way in the past century. They have evolved from being a functional room for toileting to including baths and items that were traditionally part of a bedroom or dressing room, such as vanities and sinks. When you are redesigning your old bathroom you want to take into consideration, not only what upgrades are available to you, but the needs of yourself and your family. Though they are often still the smallest room in the house, bathrooms often require much in the way of storage space given the multipurpose uses for the room. Your bathroom is also a room that guests often utilize, thus a lovely bathroom can be a source of pride for a family.

What Kind of Vanity is Best

Modern bathroom vanitiesYour vanity is one of the centerpieces of your bathroom. It’s a workstation, a hygiene station, a primping station, it is one of the places that is visited the most times throughout the day. Modern bathroom vanities come in such a wide range of styles and colors that the sky’s the limit when it comes to achieving your design dreams. Besides your bathroom cabinets, your bathroom vanity is the place where most of your things will be stored in the room. It is imperative that you assess your storage needs as well as your countertop needs before choosing a vanity.

Another consideration is how many sinks you need in your bathroom. Single sink vanities and double sink vanities are often available in the same color and pattern schemes. If space allows and the need is there, a double sink vanity could be a good option for a growing family. Bathroom fixtures a rarely a one size fits all affair and you should have the perfect items for your needs if you are going to be redesigning your bathroom.

Wall Mount Bathroom Vanities

Floating VanityFor a modern, crisp, appearance, many designers are choosing wall mount vanities for their floating look. They also come in one sink vanities and two sink vanities, so choosing a wall mount vanity isn’t limiting your capacity for sink occupants. Floating vanities are a popular choice for small bathroom vanities as the flooring reaching all the way to the wall gives the room the illusion of being larger and airier than it is.

This is especially important in older homes where the bathroom was generally the smallest room in the home. Wall mount vanities do not eliminate the storage space of a traditional vanity, many models still have some storage space in the form of cabinets under the sinks so you wouldn’t be losing storage space by choosing a floating vanity.

On to the Modernization

Once you have your plan for your remodel full fleshed out, you are a step closer to having the bathroom you have always desired. Being the smallest room in the home, the bathroom is often overlooked and generally the last room to be upgraded but the increase in terms of the comfort and pride of having a beautiful new room is immeasurable. It is well worth the cost and effort not to settle for cheap bathroom vanities and choose the model and style that you really desire. Your vanity will be a much-utilized element of your bathroom for guests and family alike.


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