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Go Modern with Wallmount Bathroom Vanities

The bathroom is one of the most iconic rooms of any household with people coming and going at all hours of the day. Whether it’s focusing on makeup application, grooming, washing, shaving, and any of the other activities that can take place day or night it’s an important component of the household. While there are many pieces of bathroom furniture that play a pivotal role in the morning routine, the one was going to be focusing on today are vanities.

Sleek Modern Designs in Wallmount Bathroom Vanities

Traditionally, vanities have always been used as a means of getting ready in the morning whether it’s washing or shaving. They’ve moved from being simple stone basins that have to be filled with water from a bucket or pitcher to being hooked up a hot and cold-water system. Bathroom trends have made a call for creative designs to optimize space, functionality, and style to bring a modern twist to this traditional piece of furniture.

One example is the Aquamoon Austin 54 1/8 Walnut Double Modern Bathroom Vanity that brings a mixture of old-world charm and tradition. The walnut finish gives it that old world warmth that is hard to find in today’s age which makes it an eligible candidate to fit in with just about any type of bathroom furniture. The simplistic design gives it a modern efficiency that’s comparable to other vanities, but still encourages a high sense of functionality.

Are These Vanities Hard to Assemble?

Wallmount BathroomHere at Bath Trends, we often receive the inquiry as to whether wallmount bathroom vanities are hard to assemble. What are the benefits to a wallmount vanity and why do people find them so popular? Well, there’s just a modern sleekness to a vanity being lifted off the ground and mounted to the wall. It’s taking up less floor space so a container, slippers, and other items can be stored underneath.

When it comes to assembly we have always made it a point to ensure our customers have everything they need for a clean installation. The Austin, for example, comes included with a medicine cabinet alongside with two drawers and doors, so there will be ample storage space. We understand space comes at a premium in the bathroom so any way to optimize what’s already available is a necessity. Keeping the bathroom organized is important to many people and we take this into account with several of our models.

Our vanities do come with a wall mount installation, pre-drilled single faucet mount, faucet included with your choice of style, and does include P-traps and drain assemblies. Minimal assembly is required to get the vanity together, but it’s nowhere near as complicated as people make it out to be.

If you’re not looking for a double sink vanity to fill out your bathroom, we also have the single variety. The single vanity is excellent for small family or guest bathrooms where only one or two people will be using it at different times of the day. If you’re looking for something that’s more compact we do have an open bottom vanity and half vanities for people who are cutting down the space in their bathroom.

The type of vanity you choose should meet your needs and bring the furniture in your bathroom together. If you need a lot of counter space the Aquamoon Alessi 48” modern bathroom vanity set is a good choice since it features one faucet but is great for a personal bathroom. Or if you’re interested in storage space the Aquamoon Almeria 35 ¼ Wengue modern bathroom vanity is another good choice. The dark finish and three drawers make this single vanity an excellent addition to a bathroom since it has ample storage space for keeping everything organized.

Here at Bath Trends, we hold ourselves and the products we sell to a high standard. Take a look at our selection and see what kind of vanity a good match for your bathroom.


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