Is Grout Important in a Bathroom Redesign?

Renovating your bathroom is an important step for the comfort of your family. An outdated bathroom not only is inconvenient but can cost you money for constant repairs and extra water usage. In decades past, bathrooms were simple rooms, sometimes barely the size of a closet. Your bathroom is not just a room with a bathtub and a toilet any longer, it should also be a room where you groom and where you can relax. Modernizing your bathroom design will serve to make your bathroom a room that is as inviting as it is functional.

To Tile or Not to Tile

 Bathroom RedesignChoosing what materials you use in your redesign is important and should be one of the first decisions you make. Choosing a freestanding tub or a soaking tub vs a traditional shower and tub combo is going to influence the entirety of the room. You may need tile around your tub, or you could opt for vinyl or other materials. Tile countertops are a hot commodity these days. If you choose a tile in any part of your bathroom then you will also need to choose a grout. Grout is the filler between tiles and when applied correctly it creates a watertight seal.

This is monumentally important for bathrooms given the amount of humidity and water that follows with the nature of the room. For a while vinyl was the popular choice for bathroom walls and floors but vinyl does not have the endurance of a well laid grouted and tiled bathroom. Tile has been a sound choice for homes throughout history, tiled baths were a lavish and practical choice for many civilizations. Tile and grout require less upkeep than vinyl and have lasted for millennia in some parts of the world. If you want a bathroom design that you do not have to update again in a few years, tile and grout is the way to go.

What About Bathtubs and Showers

Tile is not just for decoration, a tile floor can make an appealing and safer flooring for your showers and around your bathtub. Additives can be used with the grout to promote traction which helps to prevent slips and falls. With the bathroom being one of the most common places for household accidents, every little bit of prevention adds up. Grout can be used in conjunction with tile and soaking tubs to secure the tub in place and ensure a waterproof seal around your tub thus preventing mold from growing around your bathtub.

So Grout is Good in a Remodel

Grout is an essential component of any bathroom. Given the popular resurgence of tiled bathroom walls, floors, and even countertops, you may find yourself needing a vast quantity of grout in order to finish your bathroom. These days grout can be made in various tints, hues, and colors, so your decorating visions are not hindered or relegated to using traditional white grout. For your children’s bathroom, you might even consider glitter grout to add a fun touch. Sealing up your bathroom with grouting is beneficial to the structure and appearance of the room. A watertight, updated bathroom will give you many hours of relaxation and save you money in the long run!


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