Vanity Tips – How to Choose your Sink

When you are working on a bathroom remodel you have quite a few things to consider and it really all starts with your bathroom vanity. Along with the toilet, it will become the centerpiece of your bathroom and you need to make sure that it looks absolutely amazing. So, how do you do that? You may already have a color in mind, but you need to choose a good sink. While bathroom vanities usually come with sinks, you can change your mind later, or early on in the process. Let’s have a quick discussion about the different types of sinks and what you can expect from them.

Top-Mount Sinks for Bathroom Vanities

Vessel SinksThis is the most common sink that you will see, even in cheap bathroom vanities, and it simply sits on top of the counter, as the name implies. The rim comes in many varieties, from slim to chunky, and it all depends upon the style that you prefer. The advantage of a top mount sink is that it is well suited to any countertop material, and it is resistant to water damage as the cutout is protected by the sink. The only real disadvantage is that spills on your vanities cannot be pushed directly into the sink.

Undermount Sinks

This is the polar opposite of the top mount sink and it is popular in both single bathroom vanities and double bathroom vanities. The look of these is a bit more seamless as you can see less of the sink by staring at the vanity straight on. In addition to that, you will be able to wipe spills directly into the basin which is impossible with the previously mentioned sink type. The biggest con, however, is that an under-mounted sink in vanities can only be used with a solid surface countertop. You cannot do this with a laminate due to sealing issues, so do keep that in mind.

Vessel Sinks

This type of sink is one that sits on the countertop, though you will often run into those that sit partially below the counter. Vessel sinks often give you more space below your vanity which can be very helpful, but the most important aspect is the attention that they draw. A vessel sink is the epitome of a conversation piece and it is going to be an absolutely beautiful piece in your bathroom. If you want a deep sink that can really hold water, this is the way to go.

Finding the right sink for your bathroom can definitely be challenging, but it is also absolutely doable. Take a look at your options and find something that works for you.


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