How to Incorporate Storage Into your Bathroom Design

Designing a bathroom is not for the faint of heart – it requires commitment, an eye for style and a willingness to adapt. As you proceed you will need to make sure that you are incorporating linen cabinets and other bathroom storage options to ensure that the space is fully functional for both you and your family.

How to Properly Set Up your Bathroom Storage

It all starts with the simple act of figuring out what kind of bathroom storage you need, and then figuring out where you need to put it. Let’s go over some of the basics:

Determine What Size you Need

Bathroom DesignThey say that bigger is better but if you’re going for a more modern design then it might be a good idea to go for something a bit smaller. Take the following into account before you purchase any linen cabinets or bathroom storage options:

Household Size – How big is your household? If you live by yourself then you won’t need a large cabinet but if you have multiple people then you might want something a little bit more expansive.

Aesthetics – Choosing a good aesthetic for your bathroom is critical and once you commit to it, it is important that you stick to it throughout all of your furnishings. We offer a more modern look with sleek cabinetry designed to help you create the look you want.

Position it Properly

When you are placing storage cabinets into your bathroom design you need to make sure that they are positioned in such a way that the are useable and that the y contribute to the flow of the space. You will need to take the size of the bathroom under consideration as well as the strategic positioning of other items in the bathroom.

Light it Up

Your bathroom storage needs to be properly lit so that you can see inside it when you are using it. The last thing you want is a dark linen cabinet and if you don’t want to mount a light inside the cabinet then you can make sure that you have proper lighting throughout the entirety of the space. If you want to take it to the next level then it might be a good idea to try track lighting for something a little bit more directional. It’s a tougher installation but it will compliment your linen cabinets quite nicely.

Start Installing Your Storage Now

Bath Trends has plenty of options when it comes to the installation of bathroom storage and it won’t be long before you have the modern bathroom that you truly want. Start shopping online or in one of our showrooms today – you aren’t going to regret it for a moment.


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