Looking for Double Basin Bathroom Vanities in Miami?

Large bathrooms can be difficult to build or remodel, especially if you don’t know the right vanities to choose from. Because the vanity is the focal point of your bathroom, and because it takes up so much presence and sets the mood, it’s best that you start with this feature whenever you are beginning a project. To make the most of the space that you have available, double basin bathroom vanities in Miami are a good idea.

Large bathroom vanities can provide more storage space, a larger counter area, and having two basins will mean that a master bathroom or shared family bathroom is more functional and accessible.

At Bath Trends, we have an extensive selection of double sink modern bathroom vanities in Miami, and the following three models can give you a broad idea of both the styles and sizes that are available.

ARIEL Cambridge Double Basin Bathroom Vanities in Miami

Double Sink Bathroom Vanities in MiamiThe Cambridge design double basin bathroom vanities from ARIEL are perfect when you want a traditional or transitional style bathroom. Luxury, class, and premium build quality all come together for a standout vanity that can bring out the best in your bathroom design. Beautiful cabinetry work gives you a feeling of quality and durability. Traditional dove-tail construction and solid timber make the Cambridge series a cut above the rest.

Purchased in a set, you will receive the solid wood cabinets and drawers, a beautiful white marble countertop with a deep edge and backsplash, as well as an included framed mirror to round out the package.

The Cambridge set is available in 61-inch and 73-inch sizes, so you’ll be able to get the perfect fit for even the largest shared family or master bathroom.

If you demand quality but want a reasonable price for luxury double basin bathroom vanities in Miami, then the Cambridge set has been designed with your needs in mind.

Aquamoon Canyon Double Sink Bathroom Vanities in Miami

Do you seek a modern design for your bathroom, but prefer the aesthetic of wall mount vanities? The Aquamoon Canyon Double Basin Bathroom Vanities in Miami blend the best of both worlds by featuring tall bathroom cabinets mounted on minimalistic steel legs. The line of sight interruption is minimal, so it’s possible to use Canyon double vanities in a medium sized bathroom where you want to increase the perception of open space.

The Canyon collection of vanities use quartz countertops, so you get a premium luxury feel from your bathroom fixture. Countertops are combined with acrylic molded basins that are resistant to UV light damage, and they have both the look and feel of porcelain. Espresso, grey, and white finishes are available to perfectly match your vision and décor.

The Canyon series is for you if you want a contemporary look without going all the way to wall mounted double sink bathroom vanities in Miami.

Aquamoon Icon Large Modern Bathroom Vanities for Your Project

Double Sink Bathroom Vanities in MiamiFinally, we present the Aquamoon Icon series of wall mount bathroom vanities in Miami. Choosing a wall mounted vanity is perfect if you seek an ultramodern aesthetic where visual space is maximized. Because these vanities are mounted on your wall, you will prevent the interruption to a line of sight that occurs when you install freestanding vanities and bathroom cabinets in Miami.

The Icon series is contemporary but still pays tribute to tradition with the wood grain drawers. Although these bathroom vanities don’t feature cabinets, the drawers are unconventionally deep, which means that you can get a similar amount of storage when compared to traditional double basin bathroom vanities.

The Icon series is available with both a black or white shell so that you can seamlessly blend the vanity with the rest of your bathroom décor.

Explore the Best Range of Double Sink Vanities in Miami

Our large modern bathroom vanities are the perfect starting point for your next project. We’ve touched on just three models in our double basin vanities collection, and there are more options for you to consider so that you can fully realize your vision of a dream bathroom.

Insist on quality, the best customer service, and the most convenient way to shop in-store, at our outlet, or right here on our website. Bath Trends is your local supplier of large double basin bathroom vanities in Miami.


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