Enjoy Luxury with a Freestanding Bathtub

The world today is moving faster than ever with people staying in touch with each other over social media, having access to the internet 24/7, and constantly updating family and friends on their day-to-day life. While this increase of staying in touch has made it easier than ever to communicate with other people, it can be stressful. There are times where people feel like they need to “unplug” for a few hours to relax and what better way to do that then with freestanding bathtubs?

Freestanding Bathtubs are the New Bathroom Trend

There has been a growing trend of people utilizing their available space instead of building an expansion onto their existing home. Increasing space by using shelves, moving around furniture, or in this case using bathtubs to bring a modern aesthetic to an old room.

These functional and aesthetically pleasing bathtub designs make it easier for people to step away from everyday life, kick back, and relax. There’s nothing quite like a good soak if you’ve been on your feet all day or you’ve had to hear a particularly annoying co-worker talk about their next vacation. Many people today don’t have the time to unplug from life for a few days and only have a few hours to spare. The use of a bathtub allows them to bring the old world feel of closing their eyes and floating off to paradise into a modern space.

The Freestanding Bathtubs Selection is Numerous

freestanding bathtubsYou’re in the market for bathtubs, but which one will fit your space? In the bathroom, space comes at a premium so it can be difficult to find the right products that will use what’s already available. If you’re going for a nice aesthetic the Aquamoon Tenna 59 white freestanding soaking bathtub is an excellent choice.

The round design leans away from the traditional sharp edges of regular bathtubs giving it a softer appearance in the bathroom. This simple touch lends the bathtub a relaxing air that puts modern spin in one of the most used rooms in any household. Big enough to relax in for a nice, long soak and small enough to fit into relatively decent space, it’s the perfect choice for anyone who prefers a gentler approach for their bathroom design.

The Aquamoon Brusela 64 ½ white freestanding bathtub is another excellent choice for people who prefer a modern design with an unusual edge. The Brussels dips down in the middle giving it a softer appearance and giving it a welcoming atmosphere. The stretched-out edges of the bathtub are inviting, welcoming the occupant into a sanctuary to be found in the comfort of their own bathroom. Those who prefer to go for an elegant and trendy appeal to their bathroom décor will be happy with this bathtub.

Installation for Freestanding Bathtubs is a Breeze

Installation of our bathtubs is a big question we receive regarding these types tubs and if they’re compatible with traditional bathroom plumbing. The answer is a resounding yes, but the question isn’t unfair considering the unusual nature of these tubs. Soaking tubs are often seen as luxury items reserved for the elite when in fact they’re accessible to the general public. They don’t require any additional filters or plumbing to be installed in a modern bathroom. If you plan on installing the tub in an outdoor area it will need access to cold and hot plumbing lines along with drainage so it’s able to function properly.

The modern selection of tubs available is a great alternative to standard bathtubs, especially for people who want to breathe new life into their old bathroom. The freestanding variety doesn’t have to be mounted on the wall to be usable and is ideal for people who want an open concept for their bathroom. The freestanding tubs lend that sense of an open space and give you the option of decorating your bathroom in unique and exciting ways.


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