Modern Vanities For Sale in Doral

 modern vanities for sale in DoralIn recent years, bathrooms have undergone an evolution.  Now they are spaces that are thoughtfully designed and afford convenience, comfort, and luxury as opposed to just being a place to do your business and get clean.  The vanity in a bathroom is typically going to be the focal point and as such, designers are now giving us a vast array of styles so that you will be able to capture the exact look you want. Trends in bathroom vanities in Doral this year continue to give you new and exciting ways for you to change the entire appearance of your bathroom.

Go from a contemporary look to the Old World style, casual to sophisticated or anything else!  Regardless of the look, you are trying to achieve, there are some trends that stand out more than others.  For example, the double sink vanity.  It doesn’t matter if the bathroom in question is one that is shared by a family, roommates or a couple, a double sink gives everyone more of that space they need. Additionally, vanities in bathrooms are beginning to look less like simple sinks and more like actual furniture.  The style that is prevalent in the rest of your home can now be brought right into the bathroom.  You might choose for one of the modern vanities for sale in Doral that has clean, sleek lines or go for an older look with claw feet and curves.

Vanities can be mounted on the wall too as opposed to being installed directly on the floor. Modern vanities are designed to be able to accommodate the newer sink styles.  This includes the vessel, under-mount, and self-rimming sinks.  This allows for you to have more flexibility so that you can get exactly the look that you want. Another design trend that we are seeing in bathroom vanities is the countertop.  Nowadays, bathroom counters are being styled with wood, tile, marble, granite and other solid surface materials like a combination of stones that have been crushed and set in resin.  These types of countertops provide a surface that is durable and can stand up to chemicals that are typically used in a bathroom.

Vanities for Sale in Doral

 vanities for sale in DoralIn the Doral area, you will be able to find many modern vanity styles.  Here is a quick look at just a few of them.

  • Floating Vanities – Traditionally, vanities were always installed on the floor. Now, you can get floating vanities which are installed right on the wall and typically clear the floor for a good 8 – 12 inches which make them seem to float.  The effect is one that is quite airy and has the feel of a spa.  This modern, clean look will make even the smallest bathrooms seem to be larger.  You will be able to find these vanities for sale in Doral in a multitude of finishes and materials.
  • Rustic Modern Vanities – For those intrepid DIY people out there, you will love this idea. Old dressers can be transformed into gorgeous vanities.  For those who prefer not to get their hands dirty, there are vanities with the rustic modern look for sale in Doral.  These offer you the look of a piece of furniture that is time-worn, yet they have the countertop and sink – and many times even the faucet – that are already attached to them when they are made.  This allows you to have that vintage look without you having to do all of the work yourself.
  • Vessel Sink Vanities – For those who are unfamiliar with a vessel sink, this is a sink that sits right on top of the countertop as if it were a bowl. This unusual look is eye-catching and it works well in both a powder room and a master bath.  The more contemporary vanities equipped with this type of sink are generally seen with the basins white and rectangular.  More traditional sinks of this type can be more round and can be made from marble or stone.  For those who are looking for a way to make an incredibly bold statement, look for vessel sinks that have graphic designs.
  • Pedestal Vanities – Pedestal sinks have a vintage look but you can add an edge to that style simply by adding a bit of metal. Modern pedestal vanities are still installed right on the wall yet they have legs that are made from metal.  Many of them also include a bar where you will be able to hang your hand towel right across the front.  This look is a combination of retro and minimalist.
  • Vanities Complete with Carved Details – These vanities are special simply due to the carved details. These types of details are more typically seen in formal living rooms but on these wooden vanities, they have an elegant and classic look.  These vanities typically have a dark brown shade and the countertops on them are generally made from marble or granite.

The vanity that you choose for your bathroom will make a big statement.  Since they are generally the focal point of this particular room, changing your vanity can be a quick way for you to achieve an entirely new look and style.  Like anything in this world, design trends go in and then out of style.  That said, the ones that were discussed here today have done nothing but grow in their popularity and as such will stay quite relevant for many years to come.


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