Single Basin Bathroom Vanities in Miami: Perfect for Your Home?

When choosing modern bathroom vanities in Miami you will have plenty of choice in terms of both size and design. Size is about more than just filling a room; the size you choose could have a significant impact on the aesthetic and overall feel of your bathroom. Even in some larger bathrooms, there are people who prefer to use single basin bathroom vanities.

These vanities can be purchased in both compact and medium-sized varieties, depending on your needs. The following are some suggestions that will help you to find the perfect fit for your home.

Single Basin Bathroom Vanities in Miami are Not Just for Small Bathrooms

Single Basin Bathroom VanitiesIt might seem obvious that small bathroom vanities, particularly single sink vanities, would be more suited to small bathrooms than they would large ones. While most of our customers do choose single sink options for a small bathroom, there is a small (but growing) trend where larger bathrooms are fitted with small vanities. Many of our customers have found that side by side bathroom vanities in a small bathroom can create a unique aesthetic that is better for a truly original design.

There are other benefits to using two single basin bathroom vanities in Miami. If the bathroom is shared, then two vanities will allow for more comfort. Even though double sink vanities could be used, having two separate fixtures will allow for more freedom of movement. Of course, you will need to make sure that your bathroom is big enough to accommodate two separate vanities, or you could simply choose to have two compact vanities with enough space between them to create a feature wall.

Side by side single basin bathroom vanities are perfect for both modern and traditional design, so don’t feel like you must limit your creativity if you are trying to achieve a look from a certain period.

The Victorian style is one traditional bathroom style where side by side single sink vanities are used to great effect.

Some of the Options at Bath Trends

At Bath Trends we stock an extensive range of vanities so that you can choose the perfect solution for your budget and your style. To get you started on your search, the following three suggestions can give you an idea of the single sink bathroom vanities in Miami that you can buy today.

  • * ARIEL Adams 25” Single Basin Bathroom Vanities are designed in a transitional style that blends the best of both modern and classic styles. The 25” vanity is perfect for single installation, as well as for side by side installation in a larger bathroom.
  • * If you want a single vanity for a mid-sized bathroom, then a 37” vanity would be more suitable. The ARIEL Cambridge Single Sink Vanity Set would be ideal when you want a contemporary and luxurious bathroom that takes some styling cues from the glory of yesteryear.
  • * For an ultramodern aesthetic that breaks away from tradition, consider the Aquamoon Cambria 39” series of modern single sink bathroom vanities. These are wall mount bathroom vanities that are perfect for mid and large bathrooms. They could be installed side by side in a set of two, or, you could install a single vanity if you don’t need the flexibility (or if you don’t have space) for two.

Start Shopping for Single Basin Bathroom Vanities in Miami Today

You can get modern bathroom vanities from our Miami showroom, outlet store, or simply by shopping online. With our online store, you will enjoy free delivery on most orders, making it one of the most convenient ways to shop. If you want the best bargain, then choose our modern bathroom vanities sets. These include vanities, countertops, a free faucet, mirror, and drain assemblies for quick and easy installation. Assembly is minimal with our bathroom vanities, so you could even perform a DIY remodeling if you have the tools and the time.

When you demand the best single basin bathroom vanities in Miami, always rely on Bath Trends, Florida’s favorite bathroom supplier.


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