34 Collection Bathroom Accessories

With the best bathroom accessories, you can turn even the simplest bathroom into something of stunning beauty and elegance. With the 34 Collection

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you will find clean lines and minimalist design concepts that can work with a number of bathroom themes.

Quality Modern Bathroom Accessories to Complete a Design Concept

34 Collection Bathroom AccessoriesShopping for affordable accessories should not mean making compromises when it comes to quality of design, construction, and materials. The 34 Collection offers everything that you would expect from premium accessories; without the premium pricing.

This accessory range includes everything that you will need to add the finishing touches to your bathroom. From luxury soap dispenser fittings to functional towel bars that are versatile for family bathrooms and smaller attached bathrooms, you’ll find the perfect pieces to complete the look of any bathroom in your home.

Robe Hooks and Towel Holders

Every bathroom needs towel holders, and robe hooks can add an extra touch of class while improving the convenience of your bathroom. Choose from the 34 Collection hooks and towel holders to decorate your bathroom walls with functional fixtures. Finished in the same high polished chrome or brushed nickel options as the rest of your collection; holders and hooks can be used to complement your overall aesthetic, or they can even provide contrast if you choose alternating finishes.

Paper Holders with a Minimalist Modern Design

Older paper holders with finicky spring designs are inconvenient and they simply don’t last. Solid paper dispenser holders from the Aquamoon Chrome 34 collection are minimalist in appearance, creating a luxurious look that suggests a much higher price tag than what you’ll actually pay. Both nickel and chrome finishes are available to offer a modern high polished sheen that will literally make your bathroom sparkle.

Turn Your Bathroom into Your Own Private Retreat

With accessories like paper holders, soap dispensers, and towel and robe hooks, you can turn your family bathroom into one that wouldn’t be out of place at a luxury resort. High-quality accessories made from premium materials allow you to remodel or build a completely new bathroom, even on a budget. When you’re ready to shop for high-quality bathroom accessories including shower baskets and more, it’s time to explore the range at Bath Trends.

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Serie A34 Double Hook BN

$64.23 $60.00 Product SKU: AA340602add to cart

Serie A34 Double Hook CH

$64.23 $55.00 Product SKU: AA340601add to cart

Serie A34 Dual Towel Bar 24″ BN

$152.43 $119.90 Product SKU: AA341302add to cart

Serie A34 Dual Towel Bar 24″ CH

$152.43 $110.00 Product SKU: AA341301add to cart

Serie A34 Hand Towel BN

$87.44 $80.00 Product SKU: AA340402add to cart

Serie A34 Hand Towel CH

$87.44 $75.00 Product SKU: AA340401add to cart

Serie A34 Paper Holder BN

$74.67 $70.00 Product SKU: AA340302add to cart

Serie A34 Paper Holder CH

$74.67 $64.90 Product SKU: AA340301add to cart

Serie A34 Towel Bar 24″ BN

$124.71 $110.00 Product SKU: AA340702add to cart

Serie A34 Towel Bar 24″ CH

$124.71 $99.00 Product SKU: AA340701add to cart

Serie A34 Towel Rack 24″ BN

$276.60 $270.00 Product SKU: AA341202add to cart

Serie A34 Towel Rack 24″ CH

$276.60 $250.00 Product SKU: AA341201add to cart