Towel Holders and More with the 36 Collection of Accessories

The Aquamoon Serie 36 Collection includes some of the finest luxury accessories for your bathroom. If you’re working on a remodeling project or if you are 

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building a new home, then these are the pieces that will allow you to add the finishing touches that make your bathroom both functional and beautiful.

Browse a selection ranging from simple and elegant towel holders to soap dispenser fittings that make your bathroom feel like a luxury resort.

Quality Towel Holders and Bathroom Accessories

Towel holders are the most basic bathroom accessories, but that doesn’t mean that they need to be boring. Holders in the 36 Collection are made from solid brass with polished or brushed finishes. Different choices allow you to find the perfect fitting for small and large bathrooms, including single, dual, and triple towel racks.

Polished and Brushed Metal Finishes for a Luxurious Look and Feel

The use of solid metal construction provides a look and feel that is as luxurious as the most exclusive hotel or resort. These materials also allow for long-life and durability that will resist scratching and discoloration. If you’re looking for a bathroom that shines, then opt for the chrome finished bathroom accessories. If it’s something more understated that you’re after, then brushed nickel will look perfect in your home.

Accessories That Tie the Room Together

Sometimes the smallest things in a bathroom can make all of the difference. You might not use a robe hook every day, but having a line of hooks installed in your bathroom will provide convenience when you need them, and they also provide an aesthetic boost to the room even when they are not being used. Paper holders are essential in a bathroom and the choices in the 36 Collection are a significant upgrade to the basic and boring paper dispensers that have been available in the past.
Shower baskets offer storage for your bath care products, and you’ll find options that suit the high polished or brushed metal theme that you’ve chosen.

Explore Our Bathroom Accessories Today

Don’t make compromises when you are finishing your next bathroom project. Accessories will complete the aesthetic while adding a touch of class and luxury. Premium materials and versatile modern finishes are available at affordable prices, and you can start shopping online today.

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Serie 36 DualTowel Bar 24″ bn

$186.16 $119.90 Product SKU: A361302add to cart

Serie 36 DualTowel Bar 24″ CH

$186.16 $110.00 Product SKU: A361301add to cart

Serie 36 Hand Towel BN

$60.10 $55.00 Product SKU: A360402add to cart

Serie 36 Hand Towel CH

$60.10 $55.00 Product SKU: A360401add to cart

Serie 36 Hook BN

$60.00 $35.83 Product SKU: A360602add to cart

Serie 36 Hook CH

$35.83 $30.00 Product SKU: A360601add to cart

Serie 36 Paper Holder BN

$47.33 $40.00 Product SKU: A360302add to cart

Serie 36 Paper Holder CH

$47.33 $40.00 Product SKU: A360301add to cart

Serie 36 Soap Dish BN

$48.60 $45.00 Product SKU: A360202add to cart

Serie 36 Soap Dish CH

$48.60 $40.00 Product SKU: A360201add to cart

Serie 36 Soap Dispense BN

$64.46 $60.00 Product SKU: A360702add to cart

Serie 36 Soap Dispenser CH

$64.46 $55.00 Product SKU: A360701add to cart

Serie 36 Towel Bar 24″ BN

$82.64 $75.00 Product SKU: A362402add to cart

Serie 36 Towel Bar 24″ CH

$82.64 $64.90 Product SKU: A362401add to cart

Serie 36 Towel Rack 24″ BN

$347.52 $250.00 Product SKU: A361202add to cart

Serie 36 Towel Rack 24″ CH

$347.52 $220.00 Product SKU: A361201add to cart