Luk Collection

From Luxury Soap Dispensers to Towel Holders in the Luk Collection

When you want a premium aesthetic in your new bathroom or remodeling project, it makes sense to shop from within the same collection. The Luk Collection 

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allows you to choose all of your basic and specialist accessories like soap dispensers, as well as fittings like towel holders for convenience and functionality.

If you’ve chosen all of the large items for your bathroom and are just missing the final pieces of the project, the Luk Collection can help you to finish things off with choices that will add class and refinement.

Towel Holders and Bathroom Accessories That Complete the Look

Luk CollectionYou no longer need to worry about inconsistencies in your bathroom aesthetic, because the Luk Collection covers every possible bathroom hardware accessory that you could need in a modern bathroom. The pieces combine bold elements with curved edges, making the styling less aggressive than some of the other ultramodern options on the market. If you want something contemporary but want softer edges, then this collection is worth a closer look.

Accessories for Bathrooms of Any Size

The simplest bathrooms may only need a few accessories, like towel holders and paper holders. In larger bathrooms you may need other accessories like shower baskets and robe hooks. This collection allows you to choose exactly what you need, with everything following the same attractive design philosophy. Tumbler holders and toilet brush accessories are also available for convenience, and there’s much more to discover in the collection.

Luxury Accessories Designed and Made in Spain

The Baño Diseño Luk Collection is designed and made in Spain, offering European quality and styling. Premium materials are used throughout the collection, and the fit and finish of every piece is beyond impressive. These are real investment-quality accessories that will continue to provide years of beauty and practicality in your home.

Ecological Packaging Reduces Waste on Your Next Project

It feels better to buy products that are friendly to the environment, which is why it’s important to note that all items in the Baño Diseño Luk Collection are shipped in eco-friendly packaging that is 100% recyclable. That’s yet another great reason why you should choose these luxury Spanish bathroom accessories for your next project.

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