Rock Collection

From Gravity Shelves to Shower Baskets: Explore the Rock Collection

Bathroom accessory collections from Baño Diseño offer the best in modern luxury design at prices that still remain competitive. If you want something 

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high-end so that you can treat your home to a complete bathroom makeover, then you’ll find some compelling options in the Rock Collection. This is some of the very best you’ll find from Baño Diseño, and the collection covers all of the basics like shower baskets and paper holders, as well as the smaller finishing pieces like soap dispensers and toilet brushes.

Don’t Settle When You Need Shower Baskets and Other Accessories

You shouldn’t have to settle for something sub-par when you’re looking for the very best shower baskets and bathroom accessories. The Rock Collection offers modern styling that would fit into any architecturally designed home, and the individual pieces are perfect for transforming the average bathroom into something that you’ll be proud of for many years or even decades to come.

Premium Materials Designed to Last

Rock CollectionNo matter what kind of accessory you are looking at, it’s important that you choose an option that is designed and manufactured to last. Pieces in this collection feature a quality chrome finish that will retain its highly polished look for many years. Stainless steel is used in the construction of these pieces, so they won’t corrode, even in a humid bathroom environment. Caring for the Rock Collection accessories is easy, and you’ll only need to wipe down the high shine metal surfaces with a damp cloth. No chemical cleaners are needed, and you’ll get a full 5-year warranty on pieces from the collection when you adhere to the care instructions.

Peace of Mind with a Comprehensive Testing Program

All items in the Baño Diseño range are designed and manufactured in Spain. Designs are intended to be both modern and functional, as well as long lasting. Products are tested under strict and punishing conditions to ensure that they will live up to daily use in your bathroom. If you’ve ever ‘invested’ in bathroom accessories that quickly needed replacement or repairs, then you’ll appreciate the peace of mind that comes from owning accessories from the Rock Collection.

Choices That Meet Your Design Ideas

If you want a minimalist bathroom then you’ll find all of the basics in the Rock Collection. If you have a larger bathroom and want to add some functional embellishments like towel holders and robe hooks, then you’ll also be covered. This is a versatile collection that can scale to the size of your bathroom, and you can start shopping online today, with free delivery throughout the contiguous United States.

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