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Use a Standing Floor Faucet to Change up your Bathroom
If you’re looking to change things up a bit in your bathroom after you add your soaking tub, then you might want to consider adding floor standing faucets. 

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Your immediate question here, is going to be ‘what’s the difference?’. Water, after all, is water no matter where it comes from, but floor faucets can add some serious functionality as well as aesthetic appeal to your bathroom. Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits that you can expect from these amazing fixtures.

The Functionality of Floor Standing Faucets
Freestanding floor faucets pair extremely well with freestanding bathtubs because they don’t take away from the modern aesthetic and they add more functionality. One of the greatest concerns that people tend to have regarding soaking tubs is the elimination of the shower in their bathroom space, and with floor standing faucets this doesn’t have to be an issue! These faucets do not attach to the tub, and they can be used to quickly convert your soaking tub into a shower on demand. It’s an affordable and easy solution to a serious problem!

The Aesthetic of Standing Faucets
As we said before, these standing faucets do not attach to the tub and they allow to create a fusion between modernity and antiquity – a feast for your eyes and a more functional bathroom. We should also mention that our faucets come in many different styles and materials.


Explore Different Styles and Materials
Like the other fixtures that we have in our inventory here at Bath Trends, our floor standing faucets are offered in a wide variety of different styles and materials. You can choose a style that suits your needs, and one that will go well with your current bathroom aesthetic. Even more importantly we offer faucets in both chrome and brushed nickel, each of which have their own benefits and drawbacks. In the end it all depends on the design and style of your bathroom, so keep that in mind as you are exploring our faucets and getting ready for the next bathroom remodel.

Bath Trends does far more than just bring you amazing and highly functional fixtures; we bring you the modern look that you’ve been seeking, and in this case we’re able to fuse two worlds together with the classic freestanding faucet against a modern backdrop. Your next bathroom remodel is right around the corner, make sure that you choose fixtures that will be able to give you the aesthetic you’ve always wanted.

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Faucet Free Standing New Age Square BN

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Faucet Free Standing New Age Square CH

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Faucet Free Standing Spiaza BN

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Faucet Free Standing Spiaza CH

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Faucet Free Standing Atlas BN

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Faucet Free Standing Atlas CH

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Faucet Free Standing Barcelona BN

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Faucet Free Standing Barcelona CH

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Faucet Free Standing MIA CH

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Faucet Free Standing Pegasus CH

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