Keep your cooking area clean and safe from rising gases, hot air, and grease in a very affordable yet stylish way. Cooking fumes and odors can easily 

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spread throughout your home in very little time if you do not have proper ventilation over your stove. This is definitely an investment worth making and will give you some of the best results guaranteed if you decide to work with the right company to get it done. Kitchen ventilation circulates the air and also filters, this is great if you do not want your kitchen to have sticky walls due to condensation and steam from cooked food.


Not only is the functionality of your appliances very important but keeping a close look at the design and style that you choose will make a major difference. Kitchen range hoods are available in various designs for you to choose from and will not only provide you with better lighting, but will also give you the proper ventilation in order to get rid of food odor and smoke to prevent it from traveling throughout your home. Adding your preferred kitchen range hood will be a simple task and will fit seamlessly in most kitchens.

A few types of kitchen range hoods for you to choose from:
• Wall mounted kitchen range hoods
• Downdraft kitchen range hoods
• Under cabinet kitchen range hoods

Each type of style has its benefits but the main determining factor of which one will work best for you is how much room you are working with. Researching the best brands that will meet your budget range is highly suggested and this we have made it easy for you to find the right styling option without breaking the bank. Bring back your passion for cooking by creating a welcoming environment for yourself again and begin your journey towards the transformation of your kitchen today!


After many years of your use your kitchen Sink and kitchen Faucet would have taken a beaten. Upgrading your Kitchen Faucet and Kitchen Sink is crucial if you want to increase the value of your property as well as increase the look. There are plenty of ways for you to go about changing these appliances and with so many different styles available you can be sure that your vision will come to life. We here at Bath Trends USA have exactly what you need and will customize your order to your exact liking to make sure you are happy with your purchase. The time is now to prepare your home for a major transformation with the right tools and equipment to get the job done.

Take things into a whole new direction this year and prepare to be really impressed with the results. From kitchen range hoods to kitchen sinks and kitchen faucets, there are a number of ways to get started but focusing on the overall task will be a breeze when working with our team! Clogged drains and overuse of water is often caused by aging appliances that have not been properly maintained or are simply not of high enough quality to take the continuous stress from use daily.

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Atlas Kitchen Faucet Brush Nickel

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Atlas Kitchen Faucet Chrome

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Barcelona Kitchen Faucet Black/Rose Gold

$499.00 $425.00 Product SKU: KFBAR03add to cart

Barcelona Kitchen Faucet Chrome/Black

$407.65 $399.00 Product SKU: KFBAR01add to cart

Catania Kitchen Faucet Brush Nickel

$512.47 $399.00 Product SKU: KF7533BNadd to cart

Catania Kitchen Faucet CHROME

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Cronos Kitchen Faucet Brush Nickel

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