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Range Hoods

Stylish Kitchen Range Hoods for a Modern Kitchen

A professional chef will tell you that kitchen range hoods are amongst the most important appliances in the kitchen. Even in your own home, a range hood is essential. You could have all of the best kitchen accessories, quality fittings like kitchen faucets, and the very best cooking appliances, but the room simply wouldn’t be complete without a range hood.

If you’re looking for a new range hood for remodeling or a new build, then we have one of the most extensive selections in America. Stainless steel finishes and advanced electronics can take care of your needs, no matter the size or design of your kitchen.

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A Kitchen Range Hood Makes Cleaning Easier

 quality kitchen accessoriesWhen you’ve invested in quality kitchen accessories, high-quality kitchen sinks, faucets, a countertop, and high-quality cabinets; you will want to keep them clean. A kitchen can be especially hard to keep clean when you don’t have a range hood installed. Airborne grease and moisture will simply circulate and settle around your kitchen if you aren’t using a range hood, and this will make for some messy cleanup, even far away from the stove.

Range Hoods Keep Your Kitchen Comfortable

A kitchen can become particularly uncomfortable when you cook without a range hood. Heat and steam will make it difficult to stand next to the stove or the oven, and being uncomfortable in your kitchen is a sure way to disrupt your mood. A range hood will extract all of that hot air and moisture so that you can be comfortable while cooking your favorite meals.

Prevent Household Odors

Kitchen Range HoodsOne of the most important benefits of investing in a high-quality kitchen range hood is the fact that you’ll eliminate odors caused by cooking. Odors from your kitchen can get into upholstery and carpets, leaving your house smelling much less than fresh.

The range hood removes invisible particles that cause cooking odors, and your house will remain fresh no matter what it is that you’ve been cooking. You’ll even be able to experiment with unique types of cuisine that call for heavy spices.

Find the Perfect Range Hood at Bath Trends

Our extensive selection covers a variety of sizes and designs, allowing you to choose the perfect kitchen range hood for your budget and your overall kitchen aesthetic. You’ll be able to match the hood to your kitchen accessories, kitchen sink, and even your kitchen faucet, allowing everything to come together for a kitchen design that you’ll love.

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