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What Type of Shower Head Can I Have Above My Bathtub?

Congratulations on your plans to remodel your bathroom! The bathroom is an often visited room in your home for family members and guests alike. 

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Many people seem to believe that since the bathroom is often the smallest room in the home that they have to pick and choose what they can and can not have in their bathroom. It is commonly believed that if one wants both a shower and a bathtub that they are limited to the boring and common bathtub shower combination stalls seen in innumerable homes in the United States. But with the myriad of choices available these days, you not only have many choices available for your bathtub style, you also have quite a few choices for your shower heads.

Shower heads are More than Just an Aerated Faucet Above Your Bathtub

Shower heads have come a long way, as technology has progressed, it has even changed seemingly simple bathroom necessities. The first thing to look at is showerhead flow rate. The flow rate measures how many gallons per minute comes out of the showerhead. Federal regulations say that new showerheads cannot exceed 2.5 gallons per minute, some of the best water saving shower heads dispense only one gallon per minute. Water saving is just one feature of new showerheads, other features are massage, rain, and handheld. Handheld showerheads are excellent for cleaning pets and small children. Massage features are essential for relaxation at your fingertips, they utilize a variety of patterns and pressures. Rain showerheads are best when you stand directly under them. They distribute water lightly and evenly from an oversized showerhead giving you the impression of being in a gentle rainstorm right in your bathtub.

Does the Type of Bathtub I Choose Matter

Choosing a certain style of shower head does not really limit the type of bathtub you can have in your remodel. With a little creativity and planning, you can accommodate the most luxurious of soaking bathtub with any shower head you choose. Some shower heads can be mounted on the ceiling which accommodates a freestanding bathtub. Even if you can not mount your shower head from the ceiling, freestanding or soaking bathtubs can be oriented so that an end or a side is against the wall; a ceiling mounted curtain rod then allows for the tub to be enclosed when the shower is in use.

Showerheads and Freestanding Bathtubs are Not Mutually Exclusive

Choosing a shower head is important for your remodel. You want to have the features you desire all the way around, this includes the features of your showerhead. It’s convenient to know that your choices are not limited by the style of bathtub you desire. The full range of shower head styles and features are open to you, you just need a little creative planning!

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Shower head Milo Round CH

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Shower head Milo Square CH

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Shower Head Round 12 x.0.5 ultrathin CH

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Shower Head Round 16×0.5 ultrathin

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Shower Head Round 20×0.5 ultrathin

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Shower Head Round 6″ ch + SHOWER ARM

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Shower Head Round 8 x.0.5 ultrathin CH

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Shower Head Square 12×0.5 ultrathin CH

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Shower Head Square 16×0.5 ultrathin

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Shower Head Square 20×0.5 ultrathin

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Shower Head Square 6″ ch + SHOWER ARM

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Shower Head Square 8 x0.5 ultrathin CH

$90.80 $85.00 Product SKU: SH008SQ01add to cart