Infinity Drains

Is an Infinity Drain the Right Choice for My Shower?

Bathroom remodeling can be both exciting and stressful.  In fact, behind kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling has been shown in many studies to be the most stressful of home remodeling projects. The choices for each implement of your bathroom are many and trying to fit the pieces together on your own can be quite frustrating. Keeping up with all the modern upgrades of bathroom fixtures and accessories is not something laymen commonly do. Luckily there are many places to find advice and examples of utilizing all of the latest innovations in your bathroom remodeling projects. Many home improvement shows feature exciting and luxurious features such as bathtubs meant for soaking and infinity drains, but are these types of upgrades the correct choice for your home?

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What Is An Infinity Drain

An infinity drain is a type of linear or trench drain, which is one of the most efficient ways of removing water from a shower or other room where water flows to the floor. The flooring is sloped towards the drain which routes the water directly to the large, wide, drain grate. Besides being a desired and fashionable aesthetic, they offer a seamless look to any shower. They are a remarkably simple way of getting rid of excess water and a fast-growing segment of luxury plumbing. Linear drains are safer for showering, the elimination of the need for any type of barrier in the shower allows for greater accessibility and reduces the incidences of slips and falls from having to step over an edge.

Will an Infinity Drain Work With All Types of Bathtubs

Because infinity drains require an area to be sloped towards the drain itself, it would be difficult to install one into a bathtub. Even a freestanding bathtub, which could be angled more easily wouldn’t be suitable for an infinity drain or other linear drainage systems. In order for a bathtub to work towards its intended purpose, a stopper system needs to be in place to allow the water to fill up into the tub basin. Infinity drains, by design, are made to constantly remove water from the area. There is no stopper system in place in these types of linear drains. A soaking tub that cannot hold the water in which to soak is just a pretty paperweight without the correct kind of stopper system.

So If I Can Not Have an Infinity Drain Does that Mean No Bathtub

Even though an infinity drain isn’t right for a soaking bathtub or a freestanding bathtub, that doesn’t mean you have to discount linear drains altogether. A trendy and practical approach would be to have a separate shower area and a freestanding bathtub in the same bathroom. Not only does it give you multiple options in the same room but it enhances the overall appeal of your bathroom. A separate shower and bathtub give the allure of luxury and can raise the value of your home.

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