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Shower panels

Will Shower Panels Work with Any Style of Bathtub?

Home renovation can be a daunting task. Even bathroom renovations aren’t simple. Technology moves at its own pace and the bathroom is no exception to this. Being the smallest room in your home but being large on filling needs for your family and guests, it can take some creative planning to get all the features you desire into a single bathroom. Bathtubs aren’t just simple water receptacles any longer, your shower isn’t just a means of achieving hygiene. There are many small features you can add to your bathroom to turn a simple room into an oasis of luxury. Shower panels are one small addition that can help with that goal.

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What is a Shower Panel

Shower panels are new, state of the art, all in one shower head and massaging jet combo that are all the rage on home improvement shows. You may think they are out of reach for the common bathroom renovator but shower panels are surprisingly affordable. Massaging panels are the height of home stress relief. The jets coming from various angles, all gently pressing on your muscles will quickly relax you from even the toughest of days. Shower panels are equipped with a variety of massaging jets, rainfall showerhead/handheld shower head, thermostatic control, mirror, shelving, temperature display, and tub spout. Just choose your favorite style and color, and you’ve got everything you could want in one place. A common misconception is that a shower panel will cause a sharp increase in your water bill, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Shower panels are eco-friendly and are designed to give the most luxury while using the least amount of water.

How Do I Make a Shower Panel Work With the Bathtub I Want

If you desire a freestanding bathtub or a soaking bathtub, you can still have the shower panel you desire, you will just have to be creative in the design of your bathroom. Orienting the side or end of your bathtub against a wall is the best and simplest way to incorporate a freestanding bathtub and a shower panel. You can then utilize a ceiling mounted curtain rod to enclose the entire tub. Soaking bathtubs can be tiled into a wall which allows for glass doors to be used to enclose shower panel and bathtub into one.

You Can Have the Bathtub and Shower Panel You Desire

Don’t limit yourself to a bathtub and shower set up from last century, you can have what you envision if you just use a little creative planning. There are many examples of bathtub and shower panel arrangements online, other than those aforementioned, your research will pay off with the luxurious bathroom of your dreams.

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