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At Bath Trends, we offer many ways to relax and add luxury to your bathroom. Whether it’s a deep soak, a soothing jet massage or an invigorating rainfall shower. 

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Our extensive selection of luxury fixtures including freestanding soaking bathtubs, whirlpools, and versatile shower upgrades will provide you with a bathroom you can fully enjoy. Whether you prefer to shower of taking a long relaxing bath, we can help you customize your bathroom to be your own personal oasis.


Freestanding bathtubs are a great way to transform the look of your bathroom as they provide a centerpiece to your bathroom while adding that spa-like feel! The appearance of the freestanding soaking bathtubs are unique and often associated with high-end luxury spas, giving your bathroom both character and style. Freestanding bathtubs are also easy to install because there is no need to attach it to a wall or caulk around it. The plumbing is out in the open leaving another design opportunity to individualize your bathroom space.

Not only are they beautiful and easy to install, but they are also designed for comfort; they are deep allowing you to sit fully submerged in hot water without the need to bend your knees. They are ideal for long soaks because they retain heat while the outside of the bathtub stays at room temperature. Soaking bathtubs allow you to really sink in and relax. Whatever style you choose, you will not only gain a luxury bathing experience but also a great looking work of art for your bathroom.

Treat yourself to a luxurious bath with one of our Wyndham Collection Bathtubs ready to ship. With their deep base and smooth, high walls Soaking Bathtubs are designed to give you room to submerge fully while providing you the ultimate relaxing retreat.


Installing a shower panel in your bathroom can transform your standard shower into a personal haven. Instead of a basic shower head, a shower panel usually offers three different water outputs: a large shower head that gives a rainfall effect, a handheld showerhead for those hard to reach places and swiveling massage water jets for those tired muscles.

Having the bathroom, you can escape to and relax in is very attainable and more affordable than you might have realized. You can add the luxury of body spray fixtures and multiple showerhead features without having to run extensive plumbing. You can get a combination of different features in only one piece with bathroom shower panels or choose from our numerous shower sets to fit your needs.

Shower panels can be the perfect solution for everyone who wants to replace their existing shower or provide a perfect addition to their existing bathroom. Because of the versatility they give you, they are perfect for smaller and bigger bathrooms providing a more luxurious looking bathroom and giving you that next level showering experience you’re looking for.

At Bath Trends, we offer a wide selection of luxury fixtures for your bathroom renovation. Shop online and receive Free Shipping.

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Apollo Shower + Tub Spout Combo

$742.20 $549.00 Product SKU: SETAP03add to cart

Aquamoon HS1053BL Handshower

$49.00 Product SKU: HS1053BLadd to cart

Aquamoon HS1053WH Handshower

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Arkon Shower+Tub Spout Combo

$480.62 $425.00 Product SKU: SETAK03add to cart

Eden Shower + Tub Spout Combo

$339.23 $325.00 Product SKU: SETED03add to cart