Is a Handshower a Practical Addition to my Bathtub

Bathroom remodels are often more of a necessity than an optional undertaking. But that fact doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t plan for the bathroom of your dreams when you remodel. As needs and trends change, remodeling becomes even more necessary. With people choosing to stay closer to home, the bathroom is quickly becoming a place for unwinding and relaxing. A nice, deep, bathtub is what most people picture when it comes to relaxing in their bathtub. A soothing soaking tub is a good addition to any bathroom, but what about showering needs? One consideration is to install a hand shower.

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What Are the Benefits of a Handshower

Hand showers are fairly easy to install into any type of set up. Most commonly known are the hand held showers that take the place of a traditional shower head. Hand Showers simplify many of your cleaning activities, they make it easy to spray down your bathtub or shower after each use, they make it easier to clean pets and small children. The adjustable spray and softer noise of the hand shower make it less intimidating for young children who are easily overwhelmed by the noise and spray of a traditional shower head. Hand showers are a good item to practice transitioning a child to showering on their own. These units also make it easy to water plants and wash other household items, like hard-to-clean mini-blinds. Hand showers offer a taste of a spa-like experience right in the comfort of your home, with adjustable settings, you can easily massage sore muscles at the end of a long day. Hand showers also improve your everyday showering experience by directing the water where you need it to be. No more struggling to rinse long hair or finding dried soap in some hard to reach place.

Will a Handshower Work With Any Type of Bathtub

Once you’ve decided on a good soaking bathtub or freestanding bathtub, your next question is likely whether or not you can add a hand shower to your setup to make your life easier. Depending on the style of faucet you choose, a hand shower may already be included. Many of the brands of base mounted faucet kits for freestanding bathtubs either include a hand shower or have space available to add one. Hand showers make it more convenient to do tasks like washing hair in a deep bathtub, as well as rinsing bubbles from your body at the end of a long soak bath.

Your Bathtub and Handshower Combination Increase your Luxury

A deep soaking bathtub with a hand shower should be included in any bathroom remodel plans. Your deep tub will be perfect for unwinding after a long day and your hand shower can smoothe out the knots in tense muscles. Nothing will complete your bathroom like a soaking tub with a hand shower.

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