Roman tub faucets

Are Roman Tub Faucets Right For a Soaking Bathtub?

Your bathroom needs an upgrade but where do you start? Technology moves at its own pace but surely bathroom fixtures do not change that quickly? Studies have shown that remodeling the bathroom is the most stressful home renovation project behind the kitchen. In today’s world, with people looking to be frugal and decrease their carbon footprints, trips to spas and using loads of water frivolously are frowned upon. Luckily technological advances extend to bathrooms. There are many ways to add luxury to your bathroom while still utilizing less water in your household. You can achieve the features you desire and the looks you desire within a budget and while still being green. Roman Bathtub Faucets are a desirable feature in many bathroom wish lists.

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What Are Roman Bathtub Faucets

The handles of a Roman Bathtub faucet are connected to the deck of the tub rather than the wall. It also as an arched spout. They come in a variety of styles and finishes which give an elegant look to any bathroom design. The design of these faucets are reminiscent of ancient Roman bathhouses, hence their name, this adds an impressive touch of opulence and classical lines to your bathroom. This is especially desirable when attempting to sell a home. Most people do not consider such things when remodeling an area but something as small as faucets and other accessories can really rope a seller in. Roman tub faucets are made with quality crafting and workmanship, because of the unique placement of the tub decking, they require a little more work than a common faucet. It is not uncommon for this type of faucet to last up to thirty years.

But What If I Want a Freestanding Bathtub

A Roman faucet is ideal for freestanding bathtubs. Because a wall is not needing for the faucet and handles, Roman faucets really are the perfect setup for a soaking bathtub or another freestanding bathtub. The styles and tones of the Roman faucets are the perfect compliments to any style of bathtub. Because you do not need to orient your bathtub against a wall for the plumbing you can really make your bathtub the center of attention in your bathroom. Freestanding bathtubs give a distinct spa-like ambiance to a room and Roman faucets add to that fee of decadence.

Roman Bathtub Faucets are The Perfect Addition to Your Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom should be the path to attaining the bathtub of your dreams. Not only are the fixtures practical for a soaking or otherwise freestanding bathtub but they are elegant as well. Because of the excellent craftsmanship, you do not have to worry about using excess water, all Roman faucets are equipped with the latest water saving technology.

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