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Shower Sets & Soaking Bathtub

There are so many variables to consider for a bathroom remodel. Bathrooms are a lot more than just room with a toilet, there are a lot of activities to be packed 

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into the smallest room in your home. Optimizing storage is a consideration in remodeling plans, as well as making room for the hygiene features you desire. Sometimes you have to mix and match features to get the optimal combination for your entire family. A soaking bathtub is a luxurious addition to any bathroom and for some people, it is a necessity, but can you still have a shower set if you choose to have a soaking bathtub.

Soaking Bathtubs are the Height of Luxury

Soaking and freestanding bathtubs are a feature of bathroom remodels that are growing in popularity. It isn’t at all uncommon to try to make room in your bathroom for a freestanding or soaking bathtub. It’s a common misconception that you have to choose between a soaking tub or a shower but that is not the case. There are many examples online of the combinations. Arranging your tub so that a side edge or an end is against a wall leaves a place to put a shower. Alternatively, there are shower sets that can be fixed into the ceiling allowing the shower to flow right into the tub; add a round shower curtain rod and you have a unique elegance that your guests will admire.

What kind of Shower Set would be best with a Freestanding or Soaking Bathtub

There are many different types of shower sets on the market. Choosing the right one for your bathroom depends entirely on the set up for tub and shower that you desire. Ceiling mounted shower curtain rods give you greater flexibility over a freestanding tub, you can choose a shower set with a wide rainwater fall shower head that falls directly over the tub. You will want a shower set that also includes a tub spout with any kind of bathtub and a handheld showerhead is also available, in both a bar configuration and individual mounts. Dual waterfall/rainfall showerheads that look more like a wide bar are a good option for a soaking bathtub that is situated against a wall or tiled into the wall.

Don’t Discount the Shower if You Want a Soaking Bathtub

Among the myriad of choices for bathroom remodeling, you do not have to limit yourself to either a soaking bathtub or a shower. There are many shower set choices that work perfectly with a deep bathtub. Your choice of bathtub doesn’t limit your shower choices at all, in fact your configuration might end up being more interesting and decoratively forward than any bathroom in your neighborhood. Knowing that you have the options available to you only widens the horizons for your bathroom remodel.

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