Toilets & Bidets

Your toilet is the start of your bathroom and you want to make sure that it not only matches the rest of the décor, but that it is functional in many ways. 

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There are three types of toilets that we mainly sell, each of which fulfils a very particular function. Let’s talk about these three types of toilets that we sell, and that you might find yourself using in your bathroom in the near future.

Siphon Toilets

These are the standard toilets that you are going to find in nearly every single bathroom in America, and they definitely do their job without a hitch. While they are certainly outstanding, and definitely very useful, their one major shortcoming is their water use which can be very high, at least by modern standards.

Dual Flush Toilet

These can be a bit more expensive than the standard siphon toilet, but it saves water using the built-in mechanism (fun fact: you can buy a conversion kit for a siphon toilet to transform it into a dual flush system). Differences you will notice immediately include less water usage and a much lower water line in the toilet bowl. Check out our wide selection today.


The bidet is not so much a toilet as it is a device used to clean an individual before they use other toiletries for cleaning purposes. In some cases, bidets can be built directly into the toilet bowl, or they may warrant their own unit – it all depends on the individual and what they are looking for.

Quality You Can Count On

Bath Trends is known for providing the highest quality bathroom solutions in the industry, no matter which of the above you wish to go with. We host a wide variety of different styles, each of which will be appropriate for a specific taste and style choice. We sell the standard toilet with the rounded bowl, or you can go for something more geometrical to match your tastes, as we mentioned earlier.

For Home or Business

Our toilets are outstanding for home use, or they can be deployed for light industrial use. Some of our most popular selections include the Ariel Platinum TB309, which is a beautiful dual flush option, but if you’re looking for something a bit different, then the Platinum TB326M offers a much sleeper profile, and perhaps a much better fit for smaller bathrooms.

Once again, the toilet is the center of your bathroom, and it’s an amenity that you most definitely want to invest a bit of money into. That being said, now would be a great time to have a quick, or extended look at our stock and place an order. While you might not think much about the toilet when you have a working one, having something of the highest quality is absolutely essential if you’re going to keep your bathroom in working order.

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