Double Vanities

Large Double Sink Vanities for a Luxurious Bathroom
At Bath Trends, luxury and beauty can be had for prices that are more than reasonable. With our range of extra-large double sink vanities and 

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bathroom cabinets, you can find the perfect match for a home that has all of the functionality that you need with an aesthetic that you will love.  Take a look at our complete range of double vanities and start planning your bathroom build or remodeling project today.
Freestanding and Full Cabinet Double Sink Vanities
Freestanding double sink vanities are raised on legs to provide a unique aesthetic that is reminiscent of luxury vanities from the turn of the century. If you’re aiming for a home with a classic look when choosing a vanity from the ARIEL Hanson line could be your best option. These vanities use smooth solid surfaces that are modern but blend the raised vanity aesthetic to bring in some of the charms of yesteryear.

For a bathroom that incorporates the fully installed look, you could select from the ARIEL Hamlet range. These large double sink vanities have fully framed bottoms that allow them to look and feel like a solid permanent fixture.

Either of these choices can look great in modern bathrooms, and they come loaded with bathroom cabinets and drawers to take care of all of your storage needs. Practicality is key here, and you could use any of our large double sink vanities as your primary bathroom storage solution.
High-Quality Countertops Made to Last
Quality countertops are essential when you are choosing vanities for your bathroom. Quality solid countertops are common throughout all of the range, offering extreme durability and long lifetime. Countertops can be easily cleaned and won’t stain. They’re also resistant to discoloration over time. If you want your bathroom to look as good in ten years as it does today, then you’ll find all of our vanities are up to the task.
Solid Construction Throughout Our Range of Cabinets and Vanities
Quality materials are used in everything from the cabinet door surfaces, to drawer rollers, and even the hinges behind the cabinets. Modern bathroom vanities shouldn’t require constant maintenance and fixes. Even at an affordable price, you’ll be making an investment that could potentially last the lifetime of your home.
Finishing Options to Suit Your Interior Design Concept
With a range of color combinations that will complement your interior design and décor choices, you can choose from bathroom set pieces, or more understated double sink vanities that flow with your overall design concept. With all of this choice at prices that won’t blow out your budget, Bath Trends is the perfect place to begin your next project.

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