Vanities 25" to 35"

Luxury Single Sink Vanities from 25” to 30”
If your bathroom is not sized to accommodate large double sink vanities, then affordable single sink vanities will allow you to create great looks with lasting quality. 

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There a plenty of choices between 25” and 30” that can suit small to medium sized bathrooms, and they could even be used in large bathrooms if you want the unique aesthetic of twin vanities. A range of styles in contemporary finishes will mean you can find the perfect fit for your new build or remodeling project.
Single Sink Vanities in Designs That Will Impress
Choosing small bathroom vanities should not mean that you have to make compromises on style or even functionality. While large bathroom vanities can definitely offer more storage and surface space. The fact is that a larger fixture will not always be practical or even aesthetically suited to a bathroom. A range of contemporary designs will stand out in any bathroom, even when you are looking at options below 30”.
Aquamoon Freestanding Vanities That Maximize Space
Trapezoid style cheap bathroom vanities will give you standout features without making you or your guests feel cramped in a small bathroom. The Aquamoon Smile is a 25” vanity that tapers down to a smaller base, while still incorporating two generous storage drawers. It doesn’t sacrifice any of the basin space, but can still look great in tight spaces. When you’re going for the natural look, be sure to consider the Rosewood finishing option.
Contemporary Livenza Designs for Practical Bathroom Cabinets
Are you looking for a vanity that has a generous amount of basin and surface space, with large drawers that can be the primary storage for a smaller bathroom? Aquamoon Livenza could be perfect for your needs. Freestanding on elegant metal legs, the design can be considered amongst the best modern bathroom vanities. Not only perfect as a primary vanity in a small to medium sized bathroom, the Livenza series vanities can also be paired to offer two usable vanities in a larger bathroom, which would be perfect for a master bathroom or a shared family bathroom.
Modern Elegance with Flair When You Choose Cambria Designs
If your idea of a modern bathroom is one where wall mount bathroom vanities are used, then you will love the Aquamoon Cambria 25” vanities. These feature an elegant design that blends contemporary lines with flowing curves and deep contours, allowing for something that is a little bit out of the ordinary. Perfect for artistic types, or a home that incorporates forward-thinking architectural concepts; make sure you check out the Aquamoon Cambria and all of our small bathroom vanities to find your perfect piece.

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Pedestal Smile White

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Pedestal Smille Rosewood

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