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Mid-Sized Standing and Wall Mount Bathroom Vanities from 31” to 35”
If your bathroom is sized to take advantage of a slightly larger vanity, but not quite suitable for double sink vanities, then shopping in the 31” to 35”

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wall mount bathroom vanities range could be a great place to start. It is around this size that you start to get more options in terms of both layout and overall design, and it will be possible to find the perfect piece for your next project. Whether you are building a new home, or remodeling your old bathroom, these standing and wall mount bathroom vanities have the potential to stand out.
Wall Mount Bathroom Vanities to Make the Best Use of Your Space
If you want to make the best use of the space that you have, then cheap bathroom vanities with wall mounted designs will allow for affordable style on your next project. Wall mounting is beneficial from a practical point of view (they’re much easier to clean under), and they also make sense because they help to make a more open flow in your bathroom. If your medium sized bathroom looks like it could feel cramped once all of the fixtures are installed, then an option like the Aquamoon Delia might be exactly what you need.
Standing Vanities Inspired by Classic Designs
When there’s space available to use standing bathroom cabinets, you might like to go for one of the time tested classic designs. The Aquamoon Rimini is a 31” vanity that combines modern materials and functional design with the freestanding vanities of times past. If you want a bathroom that uses elements of the early settler and colonial look, then you’ll love the elegant Rimini series.
Infinity Sinks in Modern Bathroom Vanities
A modern infinity sink offers more washbasin space while also being aesthetically impressive. A contemporary bathroom can benefit from a vanity with an infinity sink, and the Aquamoon Venice is a stunning option that still comes in at a budget friendly price. With ample storage space underneath, you won’t have to sacrifice to get the luxurious look.
Offset Sink Designs for a Unique Bathroom
32” is not quite enough for a double sink design, but it does allow for enough counters space that can give you a modern offset design. One of the most impressive small bathroom vanities in terms of using every possible inch of space, is the Aquamoon Delia, with an offset sink there is a generous amount of counter space for storage and decoration, as well as a cabinet and drawers for hidden storage underneath.

Browse all of our 31” to 35” single sink vanities to find the perfect match for your family.

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Aquamoon Rimini 40 Espresso Bathroom Vanity

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