Vanities 43" to 48"

Modern Bathroom Vanities Options
When you need to save space but still want a prominent vanity for your bathroom, 36” to 40” bathroom vanities can be the perfect starting point.

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Designed with a small footprint but still offering more storage space than smaller options, single sink vanities in this size are ideal for en suite bathrooms and smaller master bathrooms. With the best styles and finishing options at Bath Trends, you’ll find bathroom vanities that are not only practical, but also beautiful in your new bathroom.
Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanities for Remodeling or a New Home

Double sink vanities can look perfect in the right setting, however, they will only serve to make a room feel smaller if you don’t have the space for them. Small bathroom vanities make much more sense in mid-sized bathrooms, and when you are looking at designs around the 40” size, you won’t even have to give up much in terms of actual surface or storage space.
Offset Sink Designs Maximize Storage Space
If you’re looking for a lot of cabinet and storage space, and also want some flat surface area for accessories or decorations, then you’ll love the design of the Aquamoon Delia. One of our most popular wall mount bathroom vanities, this option gives you a contemporary aesthetic with pronounced square edges and a selection of natural wood grain finishes. The offset sink makes the best use of the surface area, giving you a highly practical vanity that measures just 39”.
Large Bathroom Cabinets for Efficient Bathroom Storage
If storage space is a key concern, then you will love the free standing small bathroom vanities like the Aquamoon Granada. Although remaining relatively compact at just 36”, the Granada model features a significant amount of storage space that could make it the primary storage solution in your bathroom. If you won’t be installing other shelves or cabinetry, then this could be the standalone fixture that takes care of all of your needs.

Explore all of your options today, and compare our sizing for vanities ranging from under 24”, right up to 70” and above for the largest designer bathrooms.

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