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Longer Single Sink Vanities from 41” to 50”
Double sink vanities look impressive in the right bathroom, and for busy families they are highly practical. While we can recommend double sinks in many cases, 

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there are times where you simply don’t need the extra sink, or you may even prefer the aesthetic of single sink vanities. Designs ranging from 41” to 50” offer more storage space and surface area than small bathroom vanities, but they still retain the single sink look that is desired in many homes.
More Space from Set Piece Single Sink Vanities

The right bathroom vanity should the focal point of your bathroom. Of course, having a beautiful vanity should not come at the expense of space, and should be suited to the dimensions of the room. 41” to 50” is approaching the high end of the scale in terms of space, but still remains manageable for mid-sized bathrooms. You’ll maximize the space in your room when using these single sink vanities, and you’ll also have the benefit of increased storage space.
The Best Storage Solution for a Mid-Sized Bathroom
A larger vanity means more storage space, which is important for every home owner. Modern bathroom vanities include bathroom cabinets and drawers for storage, and in this size range you can expect to take care of all of your storage concerns with just the cabinets underneath your sink. This is important if you want a minimalist aesthetic in your bathroom, and if you want to eliminate clutter than can come from having open shelving or other storage cabinets installed.
Practicality with Uncompromised Design
With practicality sorted, it’s time to think about the design. The shape and layout of your vanity will come entirely down to your personal preference. Do you prefer drawers or cabinets? Do you want to look at wall mount bathroom vanities, or do you like the aesthetic of classic free standing designs? With bath trends you have a wide selection which allows you to match the perfect vanity to your overall design concept.
Choose a Finish That Suits Your Décor
You aren’t just limited to choosing shape and size. You’ll also have a selection of finishes with all of our vanity models. Our affordable cheap bathroom vanities don’t force you to compromise on looks, and there are options include wood grain finishes, solid modern finishes, and high gloss finishes. All cabinets and countertops are made from premium materials that have been designed to last in your home.

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