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Modern Bathroom Vanities – Beautiful Standing and Wall Mount Vanities
Your bathroom would look amazing with one of our extra wide standing or wall mount bathroom vanities, and with great looks you’ll also receive the benefits 

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of increased storage space both inside and on the counter-top of your vanity. At 51” and up, you can get premium bathroom vanities that use advanced materials and construction methods, available in finishes and designs that can bring out the best in your bathroom.
More Space for a Shared Bathroom with Wall Mount Bathroom Vanities

Is your bathroom a shared bathroom for a master bedroom, or even for the whole household? You don’t always need to use double sink vanities, and these large single sink vanities are proof that the classic aesthetic is still alive and well. Having a single sink on larger bathroom vanities means that you get more space for drawers and cabinets, and there’s more surface area for decorations and any of your bathroom accessories.
Styles That Suit Your Home and Needs
Wall mount or free standing? This is a key question for anyone designing a new bathroom, and it’s a question that you’ll need to answer when you begin your own project. A wall mounted vanity offers a more modern look, but may not be suitable for every home. Free standing vanities can be installed in any bathroom, and they typically include more storage space, making them more practical for larger families.
Clean Designs with High Quality Materials
Smooth edges, large flat surfaces, and minimal hardware protrusions mean that all of our 51” and up modern bathroom vanities will look great in your home. You can choose from different finishes including solid colors, gloss, and even wood grain finishes. Choose a vanity to suit your design concept, or start with the vanity and then design your bathroom around it. The choice is yours and you’ll find the best options at Bath Trends.
Buy a Vanity with Bathroom Cabinets for Customizable Storage
If you need extra storage space but still want the wall mount bathroom vanity aesthetic, then you’ll love the Aquamoon Star Ash Wood Modern Wallmount Bathroom Vanity Set. Including both a generously sized vanity with offset sink, and matching bathroom cabinets on casters, this could be perfect for a modular look in your bathroom that can be rearranged easily to suit your needs.

Explore our complete range of vanities in every size at Bath Trends today.

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Icon 75 Black Matte Vanity set w/LED mirror

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