Aquamoon Granada 60 maple grey double sink bathroom vanity

Aquamoon Granada 60 Maple Grey Double Sink Bathroom Vanity


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The Beautiful Aquamoon Granada 60 Maple Grey Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

When you’re replacing the vanity in your bathroom or installing one for the very first time, the one thing that you know for certain is that you want it to be absolutely beautiful. This is where the Aquamoon Granada comes into play! This is one of the double sink vanities that really brings something special to your space with all of the features that you could ever ask for. It’s a bit larger, and it will require a bigger space for installation but in our opinion, it’s well worth it.

The Double Sink Vanities You’ve Been Looking For

Larger bathrooms will definitely benefit from a double sink vanity and this is a perfect example. If you have more than one person living in the home, or if you are planning to have guests, the double sink vanity allows more than one person to take advantage of the plumbing at the same time. In addition to that, however, you will quickly find that a double sink vanity means more bathroom cabinets than before. The Aquamoon Granada brings two doors and four functioning drawers for extra storage. You can store all of your toiletries along with any other bathroom supplies that you might need. It’s not too difficult to make sure that your bathroom is in order when you have this great storage option.

It’s All About the Aesthetic

We know that storage is going to be important when you install bathroom vanities but let’s face it: you want to make sure it looks good too. In our opinion, it really is all about the aesthetic, and if you’re looking for the modern look and feel, then Bath Trends is really where you want to be. We don’t carry the antique or contemporary look that so many bathrooms are adorned with today. Instead, we do focus solely on that modern aesthetic that will do a great job of bringing your bathroom space into the 21st century.

Bring out the Best in your Bathroom

With our modern bathroom vanities, you can be sure to give your space the treatment that it absolutely deserves. This vanity features a vessel sink design and a chrome plated overflow trim, ensuring maximum functionality and convenience. If you are planning a renovation any time soon or simply plan to replace your vanity this is one modern option that you don’t want to overlook.





Product Specifications

  • Four functioning Drawers and Two Doors
  • Items included on set: Cabinet, Sink, Mirror, Faucet, Drain and P-trap
  • Soft closing drawers/Doors
  • Pre-drilled for a single hole faucets
  • Faucets Included (Many styles to choose from)
  • Undermount sink with overflow
  • Acrylic sinks
  • framed LED mirror included
  • Includes drain assemblies and P-traps for easy assembly
  • Mdf base cabinet
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Minimal assembly required
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


  1. Bobby Ranko

    Great quality
    This vanity has a lot of storage
    Looks exactly as the picture

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