Three Shower Design Ideas You Haven’t Thought of

You’re getting ready to start your big bathroom renovation and you’re not sure where you want to take it. You know that you need the best shower sets if space is going to be functional, but going beyond the concept of functionality, you need to make sure that the space is aesthetically pleasing. So, how do you accomplish that exactly? We have three great shower ideas that you can use to really bring your bathroom to life and get yourself to the modern aesthetic you want.

Compliment your Shower Sets by Installing a Steam Room

Steam room doesn’t need to be the sole domain of spas, gyms, or hotels. You can build one right in your home and it starts with glass shower walls. You can build a glass enclosure that extends to the ceiling, but allows the bathroom to feel open as you sit there absorbing the steam. If you want to elevate the experience, try making sure to use blue, ocean colored tiles on the bathroom wall.

Create a Frameless Shower Enclosure

Shower DesignSure, you can’t completely get rid of the walls that surround your shower but you can get rid of the frame which should be just as good. Frameless shower enclosures are perfect for the more modern settings that you might be trying to create, and it even helps to showcase the tile. You could adorn your shower floor with subway tiles, or you could go with more of a slate rock look if you want to merge modernity with nature. No matter what you choose for your shower interior, from brushed nickel shower heads to stone floors, a frameless enclosure will help to show it off.

Try a Curved Shower Wall

You can make your space look a little larger and definitely a little more interesting if you add a curved wall. This will add more depth, but you can make it even more interesting by covering it with glass tiles. To add even more depth you could add a mirror panel in the center as this will do an outstanding job of adding light into your shower, assuming the mirror is in the right position to reflect light.

These three designs will not only make your shower more functional, but they will make it more interesting. It will definitely be a little bit of extra work, but it will be well worth it. In the end, most importantly, you are going to have a bathroom and shower that you can truly be proud of.


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