Ready for a Shower Upgrade? Here’s Why a New Shower Head is Worth The Investment

There’s nothing quite like a high-quality shower head. Although this seemingly small part of your bathroom is often overlooked, it’s actually one of the most significant pieces of hardware in your home. A poor quality shower head results in a less than a pleasant shower. If you want to feel relaxed in the evenings or energized in the mornings before work, then you’re going to need to take the time to look at a quality shower sets and modern shower heads.

Rain Shower Heads Bring Out The Best in New Shower Sets

shower head upgradeRain shower heads are more than just a trend. Once you use one, you will never want to go back to a standard head.

A rain shower head is any kind of large shower head, usually of six inches in diameter or more. It provides more water coverage than a traditional shower head. Some are 8 or even 14 inches in diameter, allowing for maximum coverage and the best possible feeling when you’re in the shower. The name comes from the fact that it quite literally feels like you’re standing in a constant stream of rain. Of course, you have complete control of the temperature and direction, so it’s much more luxurious than actually stepping outside next time that there’s inclement weather!

Installing in an Existing Shower or New Shower Sets

You can install a large rain shower head in your current shower, or, you can upgrade your bathroom with modern shower sets from Bath Trends USA.

Either way, you’ll notice a significant quality improvement, with a whole new shower offering better aesthetic benefits and a refresh of your bathroom.

Shower heads can be mounted from traditional shower plumbing, or they can even be installed in the ceiling when you are performing a full bathroom renovation. We offer a range of great options, including the massive Aquamoon Round ultra thin shower head 20 inch chrome model. This is one of the largest heads that we offer, and it could make you feel as if you’re in a real luxury resort.

Heads come in chrome and black to meet the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, and you can choose a complete shower set, which will include all of the necessary hardware. We can also offer full shower system panels, which provide multiple pressure and temperature settings so that you can get the perfect experience in your own private retreat.

Explore the Range of Shower Heads and More with Bath Trends USA

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