Get a New Shower Set to Complete Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Remodeling projects can be a lot of fun since it’s a great opportunity to start optimizing space, upgrading components, and just improving the overall quality of life. Shower sets are a great investment for a bathroom remodeling project since it gives you the chance to bring in luxury and a breath of modern design into space. There are times where you’re going to want to mix and match features for the optimal combination that will work out for the entire family or you just want a luxurious addition to suit your hygienic needs.

How Do You Find the Shower Sets that Suit You?

Bath Trends Shower SetThe shower heads you pick and choose from depending on your hygienic needs and the type of luxury you’re looking for in your bathing experience. The sets available at bath trends go anywhere from the height of luxury to making sure you’re out of the shower in a timely manner. These sets are reasonably priced and contain everything you’ll need to install your new shower head and to get it working.

During installation, you’re going to realize that you’ll need more than just a couple of fixtures and that’s where we’re here to help. Everything you need to have your shower set installed will come with it so you don’t have to be heading out to the nearest store or spend hours online trying to find an obscure part to get your shower working.

The type of shower set you choose should match your needs and the type of luxury you want out of your showering experience. The Danze Parma Shower Set Trim Kit, for example, is rather basic in design and comes with a shower head and arm. It’s great if you’re just looking for a good, clean showering experience and want something that’s user-friendly.

The Danze Parma with Diverter Shower Set Trim Kit comes with a little more since it comes with a spout and wall connector, sliding bar, and of course the shower head and arm. This model comes highly recommended if you like the diverter option because it allows you to move the shower head around when necessary and can make it easier to clean off hard to reach areas. When cleaning the bathtub it also comes with the added bonus of being easy to maneuver to drain out any loose suds or debris for easy cleaning.

What Comes in These Shower Sets?

Our Mz shower sets come with everything you need for a clean installation, but it’s a fair question considering there are so many to choose from. Typically, you can expect each set to come with the basic items like the shower head, handle, a faucet, and more depending on which one you choose.

Other items you can expect to receive in your set is a rough-in shower bar that can be used to clean off hard to reach places. Showers bars provide easy maneuverability when washing off, but you still have the regular spout if you’re just planning on hopping in and out of the shower. Another example is the ADA compliant handle which helps to make operations smoother for people who suffer from disabilities. The mounting display is secure and ensures the assembly will remain properly mounted to the wall.

Dual function cartridges are another item that can be found in many of these sets since it’s instrumental in controlling cold and hot water. Control over these two features streamlines the showering experience for you and makes a morning routine more convenient.

The Mz shower sets have everything you need for hassle-free assembly and to have your shower up and running. There are plenty of sets to choose from that feature just the basic necessities to ADA compliant parts to ensure smooth operation when bathing. Feel free to look through our inventory and get started on planning your ultimate showering experience today!


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