Doors, Curtains, or Enclosure, Does This Affect Your Shower Set Choices?

Building an entirely new bathroom comes with a seemingly endless supply of choices that need to be made. Before you can get your drywall in your bathroom, before you can tile your floor, before you can rough in your plumbing, you need to decide what kind of toilet, sinks, and bathing accommodations you need. All of the decisions that need to be made are not as fun as choosing pretty tile patterns and wall colors, but they are all equally as important when it comes to creating the bathroom that you envision.

What is a Shower Set

Shower SetA shower set is basically all the faucet, hardware, and showerheads that are needed to control the plumbing in your shower. And while it seems like a basic concept, there is a myriad of choices when it comes to your shower set. Shower heads that mimic rainfall are popular lately, as are handheld shower heads which have a multitude of uses for a family. There are shower sets that offer both options at the same time. Waterfall showers are another popular choice and there are shower sets that offer showers that do both rainfall and waterfall. A luxurious choice in shower sets is a shower panel, which features a panel of jets in addition to rainfall, waterfall, and handheld showerheads. The versatility of shower sets allows you to customize your shower experience to mimic the most sensuous of spa treatments.

Doors, Curtains, or Tile Enclosure

Important consideration should be given to the type of shower or shower/tub combo you will ultimately desire in your bathroom. The classic shower curtain model features a few modern upgrades, including different styles of curtain rods that curve the curtain outwards, giving more room in the shower. Shower curtains give you more flexibility to change your decor often but shower curtains also tend to be drafty and allow water to run onto the floor at times. Shower doors are a good choice for sealing your shower and creating steam in the shower stall. Doors contain the water splash within the shower thus less runoff onto your bathroom floor. Shower doors do not require being taken down to clean, they are simple to wipe down, so upkeep is a bit easier. Grouted tile enclosures are also a popular choice for lasting beauty with minimal upkeep. The watertight seal of the tile protects your walls and tiled baths have stood the test of time.

Does This Affect the Shower Set that I Want

Shower SetEach type of shower enclosure, curtains, and doors seem to work well with various types of shower sets. A consideration when choosing a shower set is how far the jets and waterfall sprays. Although a lot of sets are versatile, you might not get the intended benefit from a shower set such as a panel with jets if you choose a shower curtain as your closure type.

Tile enclosures encourage warmth and humidity to stay in the area of your shower and shower doors seal them in. If you want to create a more spa like setting tile enclosures or glass shower stalls with doors are a more sophisticated approach. Shower curtains promote a more homey, kitschy, vibe and are often perfect for a bathroom designed for young people. Ultimately the lines of your design are guided by the intention of your visions for your bathroom.


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