Three Luxury Amenities your Bathroom Could Have

You already know what a bathroom needs and what it should absolutely have, but have you ever considered some of the more luxurious items top make it not only look good, but feel great? From modern bathroom vanities to various stainless steel accessories, there are a ton of items that you can introduce into your bathroom to make it amazing, and we’re going to cover a few of them in today’s article.

Remember, while a bathroom might not be the most visible room in your home, it certainly needs to be one of the most luxurious, complete with fixtures that really bring that modern look and feel that you’ve been looking for. Let’s take a look at three luxury items you can use to bring your bathroom experience to the next level for both you and your guests.

Bidets – An Item that Looks Great Alongside Modern Bathroom Vanities

We all know that the bidet is a very prominent fixture in European countries, but did you know that you can have one right here in the United States? Bath Trends sells one of the best on the market, the elongated white model which gives you additional functionality alongside your toilet. It’s expertly crafted and highly functional, making it a great luxury addition to an already outstanding bathroom. If you’re thinking about adding one to your bathroom, check the link we have included below.

Eago TB1010 white elongated bidet

Soaking Bathtub – Go Beyond Your Regular Tub

A bathtub is a utility but a soaking tub is a luxury. Standard bathtubs are normally adhere to the wall, and to be honest, you probably don’t spend very much time in them. Now, take a soaking tub as an outstanding example of pure luxury, and a tub that you would want to spend at least an hour of your time in. Unlike standard tubs, soaking tubs are free standing and they tend to be made from ceramic or porcelain. Most importantly, they have more room, and are designed in a way that would make them far more comfortable for you. You could potentially lay for hours, soaking up the warm water, reading a book, or just relaxing – yes, they’re that comfortable.

In our store we have several different models to offer, starting with the Aquamoon Lisboa which takes on the more traditional look and feel of the freestanding bathtub. With more of a basin shape than our other models, it’s perfect for laying down, and with proper placement, it could easily become the centerpiece of your bathroom. If you want to take it a step beyond, then you can forego the classic look and try out one of our more modern looking tubs, for example the Aquamoon Bruselas, which takes on the more modern, angular shape, meaning it will fit into virtually any space properly so long as there is room. For some it will be more pleasing to the eye, and like all of our other tubs, it is extremely durable. This, alongside our many other bathroom accessories will make an outstanding addition to your bathroom.

Aquamoon Bruselas 64 1/2 white freestanding soaking bathtub

Luxury Shower Heads – More than Just a Quick Rinse

Do you know what the problem is with most shower heads? They really don’t get enough coverage. You might pay less for a conventional shower head, but is it going to leave you feeling satisfied? Probably not, and that is where our high end, luxury heads come into play. One example we’d like to look at is the Aquamoon Milo, which is a square 10×10 shower head using silicone nozzles, allowing lime deposits to be easily wiped away, unlike with other shower heads. To top all of that off, it it’s designed with a chrome body, which makes it easily one of the prettiest shower fixtures on the market.

Aquamoon Milo square shower head 10×10 chrome

Bath Trends does more than just provide bathroom fixtures, we provide a way of life. Chrome and stainless steel fixtures bring you to a new level of both luxury and presentation, perhaps unlike anything you have ever seen. From shower heads, to tubs, and even accessories for keeping your bathroom items organized, we have exactly what you’re going to need to create your ideal space.

Bottom line: don’t let your bathroom become ordinary; make sure that it is absolutely extraordinary, and that you’re ready to embrace the modern look. Bath Trends is ready for you.


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