Three Things you Need to Know Before you Install Bathroom Vanities

You’re getting ready to execute what you view to be the ultimate bathroom remodel, and you’re preparing to install one of the best bathroom vanities you’ve been able to find. Well, congratulations, and we hope that your renovation is everything you dreamed it would be! That being said, there are three things that you definitely need to know before you get started. It doesn’t matter if you’re installing double sink vanities or single sink vanities. You could even be installing wallmount bathroom vanities – whatever route you’ve decided to go, you need to make sure that you follow our advice to get the best installation, by which we mean disaster free.

Turn off the Water Before you Install Bathroom Vanities

This is kind of a novel concept, but here we go. Yes, this is a very simple part of installing any bathroom vanity, but let’s face it, sometimes the simplest things end up being the ones that you forget. You will want to start by turning the water off using the valve beneath the sink, but also consider that there is going to be water in the trap. You should place a pasta pot beneath the trap and catching all of the extra water to ensure that you don’t have any standing water beneath your vanity when you install the new one. Also remember that failing to turn the water off before you start taking the entire thing apart will result in a disaster of unimaginable proportions. You can see where this is going.

Install Bathroom Vanities

Cut Through the Caulk Before you Proceed

Before you remove the vanity, you’re going to need to cut through the silicone caulk that is holding it to the wall. Let’s be honest here: one of the biggest mistakes that people tend to make, honestly, is pulling on their vanity to remove it. This is what we call a crapshoot: it might work, it might not, but there is a solid chance that when you pull on your vanity, you’re going to pull a chunk of your drywall off with it. Use a knife or a putty knife to cut through that caulk, and disconnect the top of the vanity from the wall using a drill before you do anything. If you didn’t install the original vanity yourself, there is a good chance that you’re going to have to root around a little bit to figure out where you’re at, but it will be worth the extra time. Even if you’re removing cheap bathroom vanities, you want to make sure that it comes off in one piece – it’s worth it.

Keep the New Vanity Level

Finally, when you’re installing modern bathroom vanities, you’re going to want to make sure that they are absolutely level. You will need to use wood shims at the bottom to achieve the desired effect, and you will also need to make use of a level. Finally, if you are installing multiple cabinets, you can make your life a lot easier by screwing them together, ensuring that you are using the proper precautions to make sure that you’re not exposing any of the screws.

Getting your bathroom vanity properly installed is going to be a challenge but if you follow our advice, then you can absolutely do it. Just make sure you’re not improvising, and that you are absolutely willing to follow any manufacturer instructions.


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