Where to Buy Bathroom Vanities in Coral Gables

Ready to start a bathroom renovation project in Coral Gables? Maybe you’re building a new home and need the best selection of bathroom hardware and fixtures to create a space that you will truly love? Whatever it is that you want to achieve with your project, you can buy bathroom vanities in Coral Gables at Bath Trends.

As one of Miami’s most trusted bathroom suppliers, we have the selection and the best prices that will give you inspiration and more freedom on your next project.

Buy Bathroom Vanities in Coral Gables Without Limitations

Have you ever walked into a bathroom showroom and felt disappointed at the selection that is available? Some suppliers only stock a limited number of brands and styles, making it hard to find something that suits your personality and the aesthetic that you have in mind. When you want the largest possible selection, you need to choose a bathroom supplier that has it all, which is why Bath Trends makes so much sense.

We buy in bulk and have connections with all the major domestic and international bathroom manufacturers. From accessories to large fixtures like bathroom vanities and bathtubs, you’ll find that our collection is one of the most extensive in Coral Gables.

Discover different styles, colors, materials, and all the sizes that you need to compare and come to the right decision. If you need advice, we have staff on hand to step you through the process, and our experts are even available to chat with online if you prefer to shop from home.

Bathroom Vanities in Coral Gables

Tips for Choosing the Best Bathroom Vanities in Coral Gables

With such a large collection, you’ll need to remain focused as you choose the perfect modern bathroom vanities. As you are browsing either online or in-store, make sure you keep the following points in mind to help you with the selection process.

Size matters and you need to consider the size of your bathroom while you select a vanity that you will love. Large bathrooms work best with double sink vanities, including floor and wall mounted types. You could also use two separate smaller or mid-sized vanities to break up space in a large room. If your bathroom is small, then a compact vanity will provide functionality while making the room feel larger.

Color also matters, and the finish of a bathroom vanity can have a profound impact on the look and feel of your bathroom. Dark colors absorb light and create a dramatic impact, but they can make a small bathroom feel even smaller, so are best used in open spaces. Lighter colors are more reflective and can help to scatter natural and artificial light around a bathroom. You could buy bathroom vanities in Coral Gables that are white or lightly tinted to make a bathroom feel warmer, more open, and more inviting.

Don’t forget about storage when you choose modern bathroom vanities in Coral Gables. You could take care of most or even all your bathroom storage needs by choosing a vanity with plenty of cabinets or shelf storage space. If you choose a vanity based on style, and that has less storage space, then you will need to consider adding separate cabinets or shelving so that your bathroom is practical.

When you buy vanities in Coral Gables, make sure you consider the other hardware and fixtures that you will install in the bathroom. It’s possible to mix and match different collections, but you’ll need to make sure that everything works together with a pleasing aesthetic. If you want the simplest way to have matching pieces, then you should choose items from within the same collection when possible.

Buy Modern Bathroom Vanities in Coral Gables from a Local Business

Bath Trends is based in the heart of Miami with local showrooms and a flagship outlet store in the heart of the city. Just minutes from Coral Gables, your dream bathroom is a short drive away. If you prefer to shop online, then you’ll find our complete catalog, including descriptions and technical specifications, allowing you to shop in comfort with free delivery to your home for most orders.

Start browsing for your bathroom vanities in Coral Gables and experience the service that only Florida’s best bathroom supplier can provide.


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